Richard Dickens money

Showing off the results of grinding 24/7, entrepreneurship student Richard Dickens reminds us all about what it means to be about your money.

In a shocking turn of events, an entrepreneurship student at Iowa State has deviated from “hustle culture” and picked up a hobby just for the fun of it.


Pushing away from coming up with never ending genius ideas all the time like mittens for your feet, which the student swears has never been done before, Richard Dickens’ new passion of crocheting brings him joy while causing him to go through an existential crisis.


“Now that I’m not dedicating myself to the bag 24/7, I ju— I don’t know what to do with my life anymore,“ Dickens said with a tone of despair in his voice. “I didn’t think I could enjoy something so much without making money.”


Seeming unsure of himself now, Dickens doesn’t know what to do with his previous feelings on grinding until he dies.


“Stocks. STOCKS,” Dickens said while shaking. “Do you know about passive income? Do you? Make your money work for you!”


Re-examining his calling as a future titan of industry, it seems like Dickens has a lot of thinking to do on whether or not he truly is about his paper.

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