cartoonishly big sandwich

Oh sandwich, with your versatile repertoire of forms. Corned beef, pastrami hot or cold, turkey with avocado or ham and cheese. The endless sustenance you provide is all we need

Oh Sandwich

You have worked so hard today

Thank you

Thank you for your nutritional diversity

Thank you for sustaining me everyday

Thank you for being there when no other meal was

From dessert to dinner

I can hold and cherish you for every grazing period

I see you sandwich

I see you in my hot dogs

I see you in Oreo’s

You are valid

I just have one question for you sandwich

Has anyone told you how nutritious you look today?

With my choice of assorted veggies and the protein I need for iron in my blood

You complete me sandwich

I hope you rest easy tonight

As you lay your layers of grain and filling on a bed of lettuce and cheese

Partake in dreams of butter and jam 

Sleep well sandwich

For me <3

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