One student studies at the end of a long row of tables on the third floor of Parks Library on May 16. Although it’s the first week of summer classes, campus is looking fairly empty as many have gone home and more and more students take their summer classes online.

Dead Week is right around the corner, but don’t panic! Here are some tips on surviving Dead Week:

  1. Go to class- Going to class during Dead Week can be extremely helpful. Maybe some of your peers will ask a question about the final that you didn’t even know you had.

  2. Get to the library early- Finding an empty spot at the library during Dead Week should be considered an extreme sport, so if you're the type that can’t get anything done unless it’s at the library, then get there early to secure a spot.

  3. Find an empty classroom- If the library is full, don’t worry, you can just go and find a quiet and empty classroom to study in.

  4. Go to the Academic Success Center- If you’re having trouble studying for your finals and need some help, go visit the Academic Success Center on campus and they can help you organize a study plan and give you tips on making the most of your study time.

  5. Create a study group- Chances of someone in your class being as confused as you are quite high, so reach out, find some friends in the same class and study together. They might understand something you don’t know or vice versa.

  6. Go to office hours- Go to your professor's or TA’s office hours to ask any and all questions you might have about the final. They will most likely be able to help you understand the material that will be on the exam.

  7. Start studying now- If you think you still have time to study, you’re probably wrong. Start studying now to avoid cramming at the last minute for a final!

  8. Go to review sessions- Some classes during Dead Week will serve as a review session for a final, as well as some TA’s and professors may even schedule time outside of class for extra review on the material.

  9. Remember to eat, sleep, shower and drink water- Take care of yourself. We know it's called Dead Week, but don’t take it too seriously! Drink water, eat and sleep so you’re ready and healthy for finals.

For study tips, visit the Academic Success Center website.

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