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Some new and some old — if you're staying home this spring break and have some binge watching to do, this is for you!

Check out just eight Netflix shows you could binge watch over break:

  1. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman
    • A new talk show/comedy.
    • The first season includes Barack Obama and Malala Yousafzi.

  2. Black Mirror
    • A Netflix Original.
    • There are four seasons available.

  3. Atypical
    • The show is on its first season.
    • The Netflix Original is about a teen on the autism spectrum going on a path of self-discovery.

  4. Riverdale
    • The show is on its second season, but only the first is available on Netflix.
    • The show features a group of high schoolers from Riverdale.

  5. Scandal
    • The show is on its final season in current time, but the first six seasons are available on Netflix.
    • The show was created by Shonda Rimes who also created hit show Grey's Anatomy.

  6. Shameless
    • Seven seasons of the show are available on Netflix.
    • The show is based around the Gallagher family who lives in Chicago.

  7. Stranger Things
    • The Netflix Original includes two seasons.
    • The show is based around a small town uncovering a mystery after a young boy vanishes.

  8. Breaking Bad
    • There are five seasons available.
    • Although the show has come to an end in real time, the show ended with 16 Emmy Awards.

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