Tulips @ Reiman

Tulips can be found all over Reiman Gardens, as part of its 2016 theme: color. The display entitled "Rainbow Connection" can be viewed through May 9.  

Happy April Fool's Day! Here are 10 popular jokes you can play on your friends and family today: 

  1. If you own a sink with a hose, tape the hose trigger so when someone turns on the sink they’ll get sprayed!

  2. Set all the alarms in the house to go off at completely random times.

  3. Change the Oreo fillings to toothpaste for a minty surprise.

  4. Since this year’s April Fools Day falls on Easter, you can cover fruits, like grapes, in candy wrappers and hide them around the house.

  5. This one is for your soda loving friend — next time it’s your turn to refill the ice tray, make sure to put Mentos in the ice to add an extra fizz to your friend's drink.

  6. Mix Skittles, M&M’s and Reese's Pieces in a bowl and don’t tell anyone. Enjoy watching your friends' confused faces when they get a handful of mixed candy.

  7. Take brussels sprouts and cover them with frosting and sprinkles, then tell everyone you made cake pops for Easter.

  8. Get a piece of paper and cut it into the shape of a bug, then tape it inside a lamp.

  9. Cover your friend's bedroom floor with cups of water while they sleep and enjoy watching them try to get out of bed without making a mess.

  10. Finally, the classic feather and shaving cream combo to give your friend a nice wake-up from their afternoon nap.

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