The final presidential debate Wednesday night differed from the first two — focussing mostly on policy instead of personal attacks, all while Donald Trump would not affirm he would accept election results and Hillary Clinton predicting Trump would be a "puppet" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read more

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence squared off Tuesday night during a televised debate, circling around issues rooting from immigration, a distrust with the presidential candidates and the economy, to terrorism and the most recent controversy involving Donald Trump's tax returns and Hillary Clinton's emails. Read more

Kim Weaver is traveling across Iowa’s 4th District, explaining to voters why she feels her opponent and incumbent Steve King, R-Iowa, is not right for Iowans. Read more

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated face-to-face for the first time since earning their presidential nomination on Monday night as the two tackled issues on jobs and the economy, racial division, cybersecurity and more or less each other. Read more