Trump winning Iowa is no surprise. They’ve repeatedly elected unabashed racist Steve King. Meth + racists = Midwest’s Florida. #Election2016— Tim Mulcrone (@tbm007) November 9, 2016 Read more

University professors are weighing in on the current state of the election Tuesday night, saying that if Donald Trump continues to do well the election "becomes a referendum on an ineffective Washington political culture." Read more

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For many individuals, going to the polls on Election Day can be a challenge. Trying to find the time, transportation and correct materials, many find themselves getting frustrated and end up skipping voting all together. Read more

Kim Weaver is traveling across Iowa’s 4th District, explaining to voters why she feels her opponent and incumbent Steve King, R-Iowa, is not right for Iowans. Read more

Iowa State experts discussed recent Supreme Court decisions during a panel Monday, touching on cases regarding discrimination and abortion, as well as the consequences of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death early this year, and how these things will affect the upcoming election. Read more