Randy Feenstra

Letter writer Charles Klapatauskas believes Randy Feenstra has what it takes to win against Steve King in the upcoming primary and become the new representative for Iowa's 4th district.

As impeachment proceedings carry on in congress, I can't help but be disappointed by the absence of a representative from Iowa's 4th district.

This disappoints me not only in the sense that thousands of students, middle-class workers and Iowans don't have a representative to voice our concerns during these important hearings but also in the sense of a much larger picture.

Iowans in the 4th district have a representative that hardly represents them at all, as congressman Representative King had all his committee assignments revoked due to his embarrassing behavior.

I think one idea that all Iowans as a whole can agree on is that we need a new voice in the 4th district. For liberals, J.D. Scholten is the clear choice, and in my personal opinion, I think he would give Congressman King a run for his money. Conservatives have multiple candidates to choose from.

The announced candidates are Steve Reeder, Randy Feenstra, Bret Richards and Jeremy Taylor.

Among those four, I believe there is one clear candidate that can beat Congressman King in the upcoming primary, and that is Feenstra.

Feenstra has built a grassroots campaign that should frighten Congressman King and be a sign of hope to Iowans who are ready to have a new conservative representative.

Whether it is the 257 Students for Feenstra group, the grassroots fundraising that puts him well ahead of his candidates or the backing of 500 county chairs, numerous U.S. representatives and countless state representatives, the accomplishments Feenstra has made for his campaign are astonishing.

If his campaign accomplishments aren't proof enough, Feenstra has a sound record working for the Iowa Legislature as a well-respected congressman.

In addition to that, Feenstra has experience working with students as a professor of business at Dordt College in northwest Iowa.

These experiences and accomplishments exemplify that Feenstra is not only an extremely electable candidate but an individual who has a profound interest in the 4th district and will work hard to serve it well. 

The message for Iowans is clear. If we want a new representative come 2020, we have to nominate a conservative who can beat Congressman King.

That candidate has to have significant funds, support and intelligence to beat Congressman King. Randy Feenstra has all of those, and he is the sole choice for those who wish to see the 4th district represented with class and honor.

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