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Letter writer Ryan Hurley criticizes American support of the "Globalist American Empire" and advocates for a return to the real America. 

When people ask me what I would define myself as politically, I can think of many terms that describe me; patriot, nationalist and American come to mind quickly. However, you will often find me goofing on the current state of the Globalist American Empire (GAE), whether it is the sad state of our military or possibly the never-ending worship of liberalism. How do I reconcile goofing on my nation, one which I’m very proud of? To put it simply, we have advanced from being a republic to becoming an empire, spreading neoconservative, liberal democracy and viewing unrestrained individualism as an inherent good. Americanism should not be about supporting the current corporate GAE regime, but rather loyalty to the people, culture, customs and nation.

When I talk about nationalism, I am talking about a kind of patriotism that involves helping Americans first, rather than sending nearly $50 billion overseas. We send this money in the hopes that people will become liberal democracies that enforce the same inhuman values that the GAE enforces over the home front. The problem with this is that these perverted values are contrary to natural law, and forcing them upon our neighbors leads to popular uprising. And of course, when these countries assert their will against the 1 percent, it is harshly punished. The fragility of the GAE and anarcho-tyranny is on full display at Iowa State University through the “art” on campus, the abuse of student funds to support events no healthy student would pay for and the overturning of my own rightful election to student government.

Back after the 2020 election, my student group (College Republicans) posted a tweet advising followers to arm themselves, this was immediately met with backlash from cultural marxists and liberals who sought to have us kicked off campus. It was clear to me that they wanted us to apologize, even though there was nothing to apologize for. I was told that any suggestion of armed activity would be punished, and had to work with lawyers to prevent the university from taking action. After the university agreed to not punish me (as I was protected by the First Amendment), several midwit professors and students signed a petition to attempt to remove me from campus. This really showed me just how weak and fragile the system of liberal democracy is; even the slightest disagreement causes someone to be attacked and slandered.

What this means is that we have to make an appeal to Heaven. We can see that modernity is simply making everyone miserable, and so I would advocate that we stand up for the real America, the America that our ancestors built and developed, not the America that elites are currently running.

Ryan Hurley is a junior in marketing and president of College Republicans United.

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