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Abigail Meehan criticizes the Iowa State College Republicans in their violation of ISU's code of conduct, urging administration to take disciplinary measures.

If you have ever taken a look at the Iowa State website, sat through a student government meeting or looked at the bulletin boards in the Memorial Union, you are aware of the university's “Six Principles of Community.” These are the values that are supposed to be adhered to by all students and staff, the first of which is respect. However, just because the university tries to foster these values does not mean that its students and student organizations necessarily follow.

A few days ago, the College Republicans at Iowa State tweeted, “If you have pronouns in bio, I assume you’re either a social reject or mentally ill.”

This tweet is disrespectful and ignorant in so many ways. First of all, phrases like ‘social reject’ and ‘mentally ill’ are dehumanizing terms that are both politically incorrect and disregard the experiences of the individual. It is especially hurtful to people who experience social anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation while at college. These are real struggles many students have, and joking about them is simply inconsiderate.

And that’s not even the main problem with this tweet.

The message posted by the College Republicans is beyond disrespectful to people who are nonbinary/genderqueer. It implies that these people, as well as those who support them, are somehow ‘unwell’ or lesser than others. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Frankly, pronouns aren’t a 'preference.' They are an integral part of a person’s identity that needs to be respected. Offering your pronouns — regardless of if you identify as nonbinary or cisgender — invites others to do the same, which fosters an attitude of acceptance. 

I call on Iowa State University's President Wendy Wintersteen and the Office of Equal Opportunity to pursue disciplinary measures against the author(s) of this tweet. This message clearly goes against the principles of community that the university claims to hold dear. Free speech is one thing, but the targeted and disdainful message of hate coming from a university-affiliated organization is unacceptable. It goes against Iowa State's Student Code of Conduct, which per university policy must be followed by all Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs).

Let’s normalize pronouns. Let’s normalize offering them when introducing yourself, in your Zoom name display, in your email signature and in your social media biographies. It’s easy and it costs you nothing.

Let’s be clear: having your pronouns in your social media bio does not make you a social reject or a person who is mentally ill. It makes you a socially conscious, empathetic individual who shows that they care about and respect the identities of others. It’s really the very least we can do.

Abigail Meehan is a student at Iowa State University.

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(12) comments

hahhaa haha

crazy how nobody asked

Trinity Dearborn

wild how nobody asked, person who literally went through the time to make a fake account just to post this

J. T.

Absurd how people defend gender theory to feel more righteous by showing fake compassion for mentally ill people and/or people who think its cool to be [insert made-up gender identity].

Emily Pottebaum

I don't know how to tell you this but all gender is made up. And it's very cool to be a made up gender.

J. T.


Emily Pottebaum

I asked

Milty Friedman

There are, at present, 64 different genders, according to the wacky Left, which include the following: AFAB, Agender, Aliagender, AMAB, Androgyne, Aporagender, Bigender,

Binarism, Body dysphoria, Boi, Butch, Cisgender, Cisnormativity, Cissexism,

Demiboy, Demigender, Demigirl, Dyadic, Feminine-of-center, Feminine-presenting, Femme, Female-to-male (FTM), Gender apathetic, Gender binary, Gender dysphoria, Gender expression, Gender identity, Gender-neutral pronouns, Gender nonconforming, Gender normative, Gender presentation, Gender questioning, Gender roles, Gender variant, Genderfluid, Genderfuck, Genderqueer, Graygender, Intergender, Intersex, Masculine-of-center, Masculine-presenting, Maverique, Misgender, Male-to-female (MTF), Multi-gender, Neutrois, Nonbinary, Novigender, Pangender, Polygender, Sex, Sex assigned at birth, Social dysphoria, Soft butch, Stone butch, Third gender, Transfeminine, Transgender or trans, Transmasculine, Transitioning, Transsexual, Trigender, and Two-spirit.

What do you think the chances are that Abigail Meehan, or any of the wacky liberal editors of the Daily, can pass a pop quiz on the definitions of all these labels? Nil, zilch, zero. I invite the readers of the Daily to pick out their favorite pronoun from this list and demand any Daily editor they know define it for them, beginning with Abigail. In fact, you should call them up right now and ask them.

They want the University to discipline, even expel, students who have not memorized their ridiculous list of pronouns which they, themselves, do not know. By what authority do they set the rules for everyone else? It is their own arrogance. Such arrogance deserves your ridicule along with their crazy stupid idea that there are 64 genders.

Trinity Dearborn

hi Milty. i just wanted you to know that there’s actually more than 64 genders. technically, there can be an infinite amount, it’s a label and identity that makes a person comfortable. also, gender identities (which some you listed) are not the same as pronouns. speaking on that list, some of those are actually not gender identities. for example, body dysphoria relates to a person not feeling comfortable with their physical body or appearance. another one is gender expression, which is how a person presents themself through appearance, body language, etc.

pronouns are words we use to replace names. common ones are she, he, and they. we regularly use they/them pronouns, often without realizing it. an example would be if you noticed a lost glove on the ground, you might say, “oh no, i hope they find it.” it is not about memorizing an imaginary list that you’ve concocted, but about general decency and treating people with respect. the tweet that this article talks about is not any of that and continues a harmful rhetoric.

i’d also like to mention that this is an opinion piece, not directly written by anyone at the Daily. as for your reoccurring point about the number of identities, i can actually talk in length about the majority of the gender identities that you listed. if you’d like, you can email me at i’d be happy to talk some more, send resources, and provide education.

ps there are more than two genders and using your agency to do more than look up a list without reading into the definitions of what’s on the list might be worth the time.

Milty Friedman

You may concoct as many gender identities as you please, but it is arrogant to demand that anyone who does not memorize all of them should be disciplined by the university, even expelled. That is not decent nor respectful. It is the usual bullying by the usual lefties who demand their politics be made law. The idea that learning your politics is education, rather than propaganda, is arrogant.

I saw a man at Coney Island who identified himself as the Lizard Man. He had tattooed scales all over his body, filed his teeth down to points, surgically forked his tongue, wore contacts to give himself lizard eyes, and had surgically implanted bumps in his head as a sort of horns. He wished to be seen as a lizard, yet I decline to regard him as one. In your liberal universe, you would summon the university, the government, or any physical force to compel me to acknowledge he was, indeed, a lizard. That is what is so off putting about the Left, their first resort to force to make people accept their nonsense, to hurt people to make their toe their politically correct line. You are so self righteous.

Yes, this column was written by a single person, whose name you can see at the end of the column, identifying her as the author. This is simple stuff.

Emily Pottebaum

Nobody demanded that, Milty. It seems that you're projecting.

Art Vandelay

True Title, Letter: ISU College Democrats disrespecting biology and grammar.

Emily Pottebaum

Art, Art, Art. Gender =/= biology. I'm also very amused at your "disrespecting grammar" comment, that's a hot take I was not expecting lmao.

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