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Sen. Bernie Sanders hosted a rally on Sept. 8 in Ames. He spoke on many aspects of his campaign, including the Medicare for All bill that he signed with 14 other senators.

With all due respect to my fellow Americans, most of us simply don't seem to know that a "Liberal/Progressive" is not the same thing as a "Socialist." This includes the Democratic Party presidential candidates (such as Bernie Sanders) as well as the members of "The Squad," such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.
A true "Socialist" is someone who wants all of the businesses and workplaces to be owned and controlled by "the state" or "the government" or "the workers" or "the people" and NOT by individuals and groups of people who run them for PROFIT as we have here in the USA.
Democrats who want our federal government to spend more on social programs to help the lower and middle classes as they struggle to survive and pay their bills are NOT "Socialists." They are "Liberals/Progressives" who want our market-based capitalist economic system to become MORE HUMANE (and not replaced) by having our federal government spend more to help the lower and middle classes.
Let's use a little common sense here — how can someone (including Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar) be a true "Socialist" when they DO NOT advocate for and fight for replacing our market-based CAPITALIST economic system with a SOCIALIST economic system?

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David Jackson

This is just like the “real Socialism/Communism has never been tried/achieved” arguments you get from leftists. The promised utopia doesn’t materialize and by the time the people who once had the power to control their government realize it they no longer have the power to control their government and their stuck with the dictatorship that’s the real unspoken goal of socialism’s false promises.

When the federal government takes more from all of us via taxation, and fails to produce a net benefit to the public it claimed it needed to tax money to help, and the people have less money to purchase their needed resources because they’re taxed to fund another never ending and expanding abysmal social program they don’t benefit from, does this program go away and the people get their money back? No, of course not! The politicians selling themselves as our saviors claim they need more tax money and more power over industry and individuals to make their failed programs work. Then people who think “but their NOT socialists!” vote to give them even more power and the cycle continues.

I suggest anyone reading this compare the Democratic Party platform to the Communist Manifesto and see how much contrast you can find. There isn't much.

Democrats who want our federal government to spend more on social programs to (insert hyperbolic appeal to emotion used to manipulate voters here)…oh I mean “help” are not socialists until they ARE socialists. They advocate perpetual mission creep until they are in fact advocating socialism, like many now openly advocate in case you missed it.

Stewart, where is the line drawn? At what point is the hard stop for the Democrats in the march for “progress”??? Where do the Democrats define the line they will not cross in terms of centralized governmental power to address issues? I’ve yet to have that pointed out to me, does it exist?

Steve Gregg

Well, Stewart, Bernie Sanders describes himself as a socialist. That's what we Right Wing Nuts call a Clue that Bernie might be a socialist. Also, he has a love for all things socialist, like the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Nicaragua. More Clues.

When "liberals" want to take over vast swathes of the economy, like health care, that sounds like socialism on the march. And, really, our market-based capitalist economic system has provided a better standard of living for Americans than any socialist system has provided for its subjects. Generally, people flee such socialist hellholes for capitalist America. Another Clue that socialism might be bad.

Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar don't call for an outright conversion to socialism because they know Americans would not buy it. So, they chip away at the edges of the capitalist system, promoting socialist programs to convert America to socialism by degrees.

Years ago, the socialists sent a team to an eastern town to organize it, but the blue collar workers there would have none of that, so the team returned in defeat. There was quite a bit of talk about what to do. A small faction said they should continue overtly promoting socialism because it was the better idea. The majority of socialists saw that as a losing strategy.

They finally decided on a surreptitious strategy of disguising socialist programs as common sense capitalist solutions. Ralph Nader had been doing that for years. He would target a capitalist corporation and demand a solution to some feature of it that was a socialist program touted as a capitalist solution. So, "progressives" have followed that strategy of pitching their socialist programs as common sense fixes for specific problems. They have fooled a lot of people with their stealth socialism, particularly college kids who will fall for anything. Heck, most college kids think the Nazis were conservatives. That's how dumb they are.

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