Homecoming Tailgate

The weekend of the Homecoming game for Iowa State usually falls on or around Halloween, which gives many students a reason to dress up for the tailgates. The ISD Editorial Board urges students to put consideration behind their Halloween costumes to make sure they aren't appropriating a culture. 

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year. While mid-week isn’t the most ideal time for the spooky holiday, the upcoming week and weekend starts the costume parties and festivities that will be throughout Ames and the rest of the state.

Some people are very into dressing up for the holiday, while others would rather wear their typical party attire. As a college student, spending a lot of money on a costume you will only wear a time or two isn’t very practical, so many people turn to Pinterest and the internet for cheap, DIY ideas that they can throw together last minute.

There are some really good, easy costume ideas that fit into that category: a scarecrow, a pumpkin, certain characters from TV shows and movies. Or a scary mask that has been lying around since last year's halloween.

But there are also a lot of offensive, inappropriate costumes that are cultural appropriation. There are so many easy, entertaining costumes that don’t appropriate culture. Halloween isn’t a free pass to be racist or treat someone’s religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexuality as a joke for others to laugh at.

A lot of these offensive costumes are based off of cultural stereotypes that are harmful. 

So before you decide on your costume this year, check your privilege and examine if how you are planning to dress is harmful or perpetuating a stereotype. If your friend comes to you with a costume idea that could also fall into that category, speak up. Halloween is a time for celebration, creativity and self expression. But expressing yourself doesn’t mean you have to ridicule other identities. You can have fun while still being respectful.

Although at the end of the day the ISD Editorial Board can’t control what you should and shouldn’t decide to be for Halloween, we strongly suggest actual thought and consideration for possible offensive costumes.

Believing that your costume isn’t offensive simply because you aren’t offended by it doesn’t mean it is okay to wear it. Halloween is about dressing up as something scary, and although racism is in fact scary, it is not an excuse to have it be part of your costume.

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(4) comments

Steve Gregg

It is a measure of the insufferable arrogance of the contemptible lefty editors of the Daily that would dictate to you what you can wear at any time, including Halloween. It is particularly galling that they demand that you dress to conform to their pinhead politics.

It is your duty to disobey such orders from such wannabe Stalins. You Must Demonstate Your Freedom Of Speech On Halloween, lest, by degrees, the lefty trash take it from you. If you don't nip this in the bud, it will grow like a cancer.

Dress as an ICE agent chasing your boyfriend dressed as an illegal alien, complete with sombrero. Dress up as Trump or his border wall. Maybe as Justice Kavanaugh. A sexy Handmaiden. Fat ballerina. Anything with an Indian headdress, tomahawk, and bloody scalp. A slutty school teacher with an Arab sheikh. Dress as a dead junkie with a heroin needle sticking out of his arm in a Starbucks bathroom. A plastic straw dealer. Hand out candy cigarettes to the kids. Be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his dead kids, blown to pieces, or maybe come as an ISIS member, beheading an infidel child. Caitlyn Jenner. Be O.J. Simpson carrying the head of Nicole, telling everyone you're searching for the real killer. Be a flasher, with a fake naked suit under a bathrobe, that you open in front of girls while blowing a whistle. Be a homeless person and beg everyone for money and drugs. Dress up as a diversity dean and write people tickets for microaggressions. Flood central campus with political correctness, yelling that you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore!

That said, somebody absolutely must dress up in black as a jihadi, carrying an ISIS flag, complete with ski mask and suicide vest with a wire leading from it to a detonator in your hand. Run into the Daily office and yell "ALLAHU AKBAR!" That oughta put a brown stripe in their pants.

Steve Gregg

Resist! Fight The Power!

Lynm Hess

What is wrong with you? Is it bad to ask people to be civil and not be rude? How is acting nicely leftist? By the same logic, bullies shouldn't be asked to shut up because they are exercising their freedom and speech. And if someone lies to you, you shouldn't be mad either. Just because freedom of expression exists, doesn't mean all expression is good expression. [blink]

Steve Gregg

What is wrong with you to demand that people dress to conform to your political beliefs? You are being a bully by doing so. What authority gives you the right to sit in judgement of what is good expression? After all, the Nice Leftists have been calling anyone who disagrees with them racists and Nazis for ten years now. When you casually call people who disagree with you Nazis and demand that Nazis be punched in the face, that is not nice at all, except to intolerant leftists.

Political correctness is not civil. It is rude. You should cease trying to impose your radical beliefs on others, you self righteous bully. Trying to impose a politically correct dress code on Halloween costumes is insufferable. It must be strongly opposed to preserve Freedom of Speech.

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