Columnist Haylee Fishburn argues that society's idolization of earthly things will lead to destruction. 

Idolization can be found in every corner of our society today. Whether it be a music star, an actor or the self; all lead to short-term pleasure and empty life. Idols do not come only in the form of people, either. Drinking, drugs, school, etc. You name it, can become an idol. An idol is “an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.” Many do not realize they have an idol until they are too far into worshipping an object or idea that does not bring forth any long-term reward. That is where Christianity and the triune God step in. 

Christians have a firm belief that God is their ultimate giver of joy and happiness. All other things will flee, but the love of the Lord will not. While Christians lean on the Bible and prayer to fulfill the void, society pushes on jobs, sex and making money to pursue happiness. All lead to short-term pleasure and no real meaning. Ideas that are rooted in evil can be the hardest to detect. Idolizing agendas that are not based on something greater than this world cause destruction.  

The first two of the ten commandments in the Judeo-Christian faith clearly state that humans should have no other Gods above the triune God, and that they shall make no idols. While jobs, money, food, etc., are not bad things in and of themselves, they become bad when made an idol and a direct focus of life. Searching for meaning in life through any of the inanimate objects, other people or of the self can and will certainly lead to a void that will never be filled. 

Until society learns to find their joy in something bigger than themselves and inanimate objects, nothing will improve. The idolization of earthly things leads to destruction. Not once has the worship of false gods led to a sustainable nation. All crumble and fail, but the nation led by the Lord stands firm and does not fall. 

Worship of such objects leads to death. There is no meaning in them. Meaning can try to be defined by society, but it is always referred back to things that are moral, short-term and not life-giving. It is only so long until the bottle becomes empty, a celebrity fails or you fall short of your own expectations. Failure is a trait possessed by only moral things. The God of Christianity is not mortal. He is everlasting. 

Idolization is not the way to happiness. The quicker fulfillment is found in something bigger than the self and other objects, the quicker society can function and fix the problems we face. With God in charge and the center of our worship, the easier it will be to fight off the sinful ways of man. Until then, society will struggle with idolization and will not find fulfillment.

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