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Columnist Aaron Brown explains the latest cultural meme.

At the Talladega Speedway in Alabama, Brandon Brown won this year’s Sparks 300 race, the second in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. People across America have rushed to purchase “Let’s Go Brandon” water bottles, hats, bumper stickers and flags. From Florida to Washington, at sporting events of all kinds, you will hear “Let’s Go, Brandon” shouted in unison from the crowd. You may have seen TikTok’s trending hashtags. At school board meetings, “Lesco Brandon” is signing up to speak. Tesla owners are changing their car horns to proclaim, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” The phrase was the concluding remark of a speech given by one of Florida's representatives in Congress, while other congressmen are donning masks with the slogan. 

For those not in the loop, nobody cares about Brandon Brown or his accomplishments on the famous track in Alabama's Valley and Ridge region. Brown surprised NASCAR fans earlier this month when he raced to the lead and won his first-ever Xfinity win. But his win has brought America together only accidentally. People across America have been chanting "f--- Joe Biden” at sporting events for quite a while now. When being interviewed by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast, the crowd behind Brown was expressing their love for our dear leader. The NBC reporter could not handle the truth, and decided to lie. Her lie was so futile. I suppose she did not realize how good her crew’s microphones are. “But we know what they saying tho,” raps Loza Alexander. 

At time of publication, six of the top ten rap and hip hop songs on iTunes are various raps about “Let’s Go, Brandon.” The top two songs over all others are Bryson Gray’s version and Alexander’s. They are catchy and have important messages, but I would say Ghost Boi’s “The Signal” is still my favorite rap. Despite Gray's song being more popular than any song by Adele, Walker Hayes or Ed Sheeran, YouTube has banned his rap. "You ask questions, they start bannin'," raps Gray. You might not be a fan of rap, though. Swamp Johnson, Forgiato Blow and Edizon have you covered with banjo, rock and EDM versions.

At time of publication, you won’t be able to find a response by NBC. It’s rare for the big media to acknowledge trends so cringe to them, yet so based to others. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is not merely a chant to secretly condemn the president with approval ratings lower than crooked Nixon. The slogan is a proclamation that you are aware that big media lies, has lied and will continue to lie. Nowadays, 90 percent of media is owned by just six corporations. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is the reply when the media blatantly lies to your face. On Tuesday, CNN finally mentioned the trend for the first time, criticizing somebody for wearing an LGB mask. Adding fuel to the LGB fire, CNN pretended some serious event had transpired. They of course portrayed Stavast as an innocent reporter who couldn't clearly hear what the NASCAR crowd was chanting. I always get amused — but also annoyed — when conservatives and progressives criticize each other for doing what they themselves just did. You'll find the same people tweeting "F--- Donald Trump" (censored for publication) and then tweeting how "Let's Go Brandon" is an attack on the nobility and honor of politics. Let's not get started on how ridiculous that last phrase is.

What does LGB signify? “Let’s Go, Brandon” is what people chant when they are sick of hearing Biden go into old man ranting mode about vaccines. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is the phrase people shout when they don’t want Biden to take away their guns, their cars or their jobs. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a complaint against Biden for causing monetary inflation, devaluing the dollars in your pocket. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is what you yell when you’re angry at Biden because the federal government lies, cheats and steals, but want to refrain from vulgar language. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is what you holler when you don’t want your children to be taught racism at school. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a general condemnation of the “progressive” statists on the political “left” in America. “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a populist cry for unity as the state attempts to exert more control over our lives and take more of our stuff.

The media will continue to lie to you. Project Veritas continues to expose the motives of media executives via leaked video and audio. Several times now, I have seen news organizations take footage from totally different places and pass it off as somewhere else to hype their story.

The State will continue secret experiments on you. A third of your money will continue to be taken. It’s either by sales tax, property tax, income tax, some other tax or, as always, inflation: the incremental devaluing of your money as the Federal Reserve magically creates money out of thin air. The State will continue to spy on you and, more and more, tell you how to live your life. "Our civil liberties are being robbed," raps Omarr Shabazz in his version of "Let's Go Brandon."

Why do folks not like Biden? Top reason might be because he is the kind of slimy creature who has his staff search for a disabled guy named Brandon to distract or detract from the "Let's Go, Brandon" meme's meaning. Other reasons include trying to take your money, causing massive unemployment or pulling out of Afghanistan. People chant LGB because Biden caused supply chain shortages but wants to take credit for fixing them. Perhaps it's because people know that every job the government creates is a job destroyed in the private sector. Certainly, people also dislike Biden because he is increasingly senile but lacks the courage to resign.

At the end of the day, Biden is too incompetent to be legitimately blamed for all the sinister things happening. He can barely answer simple questions in a town hall meeting and struggles to read a long sentence off of the teleprompter without mumbling. But if he’s not willing to resign and move to the nursing home where he belongs, then he deserves some criticism. The dishonest people throughout the ranks of the national media deserve some criticism too. “Let’s go, Brandon.”

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Aaron Brown is a senior studying Construction Engineering.

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