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Columnist Peyton Hamel argues that we need media for a multitude of reasons. Hamel writes that the media's job is to inform the public so that the people can then make an educated and informed decisions.

Media is a servant leader to society, serving and protecting the public through informative news articles and columns. Media interfaces possess the ability to be the voices of reason. How we know what we know in the ways that we know it and why we know it as we do is strictly because of how the media portrays the subject at hand.

The media serves two functions and two functions only: 1) to inform the public of accurate and raw information concerning news, politics and other subjects important to their lifestyles and 2) to direct the people toward a possible and reasonable course of action (to know what to do with this information). 

It’s a shame, though, that most people do not trust media at all. According to Deadline, “one poll found that 62% of U.S. adults believe that the news they see in newspaper, on elevation or hear on the radio is biased and that 44% says it’s inaccurate.” Yes, it is true that in the past the media has been abused to benefit an organization for political engagement. The stigma following censorship within the media sustains its position to this day. This is true globally. In Ukraine, “paid-for journalism is routinely used by politicians at election time.” 

The bottom-line is this: we need media. We need media for democracy. We need media for information. We need media for a flat-line basis for action. Abusers of media are neglecting their very duty in serving the people, by the people and for the people. They misuse their influence and, in turn, advance negative events in society by supporting an angle that may not exist or an angle that will not righteously inform the people. It is important to acknowledge, however, that the majority of newspapers and other media platforms do not employ ‘fake news’. The small amount of newspapers that do squabble the reputation of the many. 

I believe in the importance of discussion, especially that of controversial discussion. Media should pose all sides of a viewpoint to ignite a conversation. Consider media to be the oxygen to a fire; keeping it alive, breathing and spreading. There is no better way to talk about a solution than forcing people to talk about it. If we, as media influencers, force a controversial conversation, then we are doing our job. If you ever need a source of entertainment, find a political-based column and look at the comments.

We are educators. We are public service leaders. We are forcing the talk. We are allowing the people to discuss and think about an issue that impacts certain socioeconomic groups or the population as a whole. Everyone should be engaged in the media, evaluating and analyzing its findings so that you, yourself, can make an educated decision. You deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The only way society can function is if two events take place concurrently: the media informs and directs the people, while the people take advantage of the media to make educated, informed decisions. Engage in controversy and take advantage of the power of knowing.

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Steve Gregg

The media has the lowest quality product in the American marketplace, tainted by the liberal politics of its partisan workers. Media is not the voice of reason. Few journalists even know what reason is. They do not make rational arguments employing logic. They argue fallaciously, making the media a vehicle for demagoguery.

It is not outside organizations that are the problem for the media. It is the low quality of its journalists, who have no interest in a fair and balanced presentation but rather are pushing a liberal, if not socialist, point of view.

The media is full of fake news. For Pete’s sake, the entire liberal media was pushing the Russian Collusion story for two years, only to have the Mueller report demonstrate it was completely false. You did not see a single apology from the media for misleading us. They just went on to the next thing.

The last thing the liberal media wants is an honest discussion. Look at the Iowa Daily itself. It has never had a conservative voice on its editorial board. It never has a dialogue between right and left in its pages. It only presents a liberal monologue pushing some liberal nonsense. Right now, the Daily is pushing the socialist Bernie Sanders, even though his own campaign managers want to institute gulags in the US to imprison those who disagree with them. And not one Daily editor disagrees with that.

Journalists are not educators. They don’t know anything. A journalism major does not learn how to write properly, let alone how the world works. Few journalists know their beats. The only thing ignorant journalists bring to their reporting is their prejudices and bigotry, because that’s all they have. They don’t know how any other profession works or what professionalism is. They go everywhere and learn nothing from it because they lack the intellect to understand what they see. They are like children with a cartoon view of the world.

You can not trust the media to give you the straight story. If you take the media seriously, you will be worse than ignorant, you will be disinformed. Decisions based on liberal media propaganda will be junk that causes you harm. You are far better off opening the window and taking a clear look at the world than reading the paper.

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