Rachel Junck is deserving of your vote in the Ames City Council Ward 4 Runoff Election on Dec. 3. Her campaign has been impressive since day one. Rachel and her team have knocked on thousands of doors in Ward 4 since June, talking to voters about their concerns, her ideas and how to vote.

Believe me when I say I never thought I’d be writing this. For most of my life, the closest I’d been to politics was watching the 2008 presidential election with my 5th grade classmates at Fellows Elementary about five minutes from ISU. As I grew older, I developed the apolitical mindset of “How can my one single vote make any difference?

I am excited to support Rachel Junck for Ames City Council Ward 4! It's critical to have young people involved in their community and Rachel certainly demonstrated her ability to inspire both students and longtime residents, by receiving the most votes for a candidate in Ward 4's history during the general election. She has passionately made the case for local environmental action, protecting tenants and neighborhoods, and responsible investments into infrastructure that provides the qua…

The Ames City Council must balance innovation and pragmatism to enable Ames to grow in its appeal to young professionals. Chris Nelson, an ISU alum who hails from a multi-generation Ames family, values Ames’ quality of life and the economic and cultural role ISU contributes to it.

In an earlier letter, I said that voters in the 4th Ward would have a problem deciding on three qualified candidates for Ames City Council. Rachel Junck emerged from the election with the most votes but missed being elected outright by less than 10 votes. So, she is now in a run-off election on December 3.

Climate change may seem like a far-off issue happening in places like the Arctic Sea or the Amazon Rainforest, but there’s no longer decades to deal with it. Climate change is happening right here in Iowa. We have been facing record-setting flooding, unusual precipitation patterns and increasingly extreme winter weather. Conditions are even forcing farmers to plant and harvest later, driving down the yield of crops according to reports by the USDA. 

Much has been made of how smart Pete Buttigieg is. What matters, however, especially when one aspires to public service, is how you use your smarts — to serve people or to fool them. Here, I’m afraid, Pete disappoints.For instance, the mayor at first supported single-payer Medicare for All, but for reasons to be made clear he now pushes a new paradigm: “Medicare for All Who Want It.” The name implies choice where none exists. We can choose a plan, yes, but not what we really want — our o…

Quality of life matters immensely to my wife, Peggy, and me. So, as we sat down following the recent election to finalize our thoughts on who we are supporting for the Ames City Council, we are keeping our support behind Chris Nelson.

Ihor Kolomoisky, the bank-owning oligarch behind Zelensky, recently indicated that he believes the West to have finally cornered Ukraine into choosing Russia. Either, Kolomoisky is trying to wake the West up to its previous failures to protect and integrate the Western-looking nation or Kolomoisky has given into Russian bribes to be the final Ukrainian oligarch in Russia’s endgame strategy in Ukraine. Kolomoisky’s comments should be seen as a final warning to the West and Ukraine not to …

Rachel Junck earned the most votes anyone has ever received in Ward 4 and decisively beat her closest competitor in a blowout, 49-34 percent. This result would be a decisive victory in a federal or state election, but the archaic rules governing local elections in Iowa require a runoff vote because, although Junck won the most votes by far, she was just seven votes shy of a majority.

Hitherto, there has been no sign of cessation of the turmoil in Hong Kong since one million people took to the street against the extradition bill followed by two million people asking the government for the five demands, in which no anti-Beijing slogans were shouted.

On Dec. 3, the residents of Ames Ward 4 will be choosing their City Council person to serve for the next four years. Their choice will be between challenger Rachel Junck, who won the most votes in the initial election on Nov. 5, and incumbent Chris Nelson.

Chalking messages on sidewalks can have value. Anti-racist messages, for example, can prompt people to explore the harms of racism and maybe take action. That’s why activists use chalking. Racist messages, however, never have value. They harm people. And they should stop.

Iowa State’s new HR and payroll software Workday has been hailed as a great technological leap in how the university operates by top administrators and the company itself, yet it seems as though the opinions of many professors, staff and especially student workers tell another story and are not being heard.

When looking at the current state of affairs in both our country and our campus, one thing becomes clear. Ideology is no longer mere "ideology." Beliefs and values are transforming into actions, ways of life. What one side considers a defense, the other considers a threat. The recent span of events at Iowa State are merely reflections of the deepening tension and polarization of the nation and its citizens. 

I’ve been closely following the 4th Ward city council election set to occur on Nov. 5. Only one candidate has been consistently thoughtful, knowledgeable and articulate. Joe Van Erdewyk has proven time and again why he is the best choice to represent Ward 4 on City Council. 

From the time I was born, and now as a student at Iowa State, I have lived in the 4th Ward. Growing up in Ames' Ward 4 has shown me what makes our city so great, but being an ISU student has shown me where Ames can be improved.

It was mid-June when Rachel Junck first reached out to me to talk about her candidacy. Surprisingly, this conversation never turned into a discussion on Rachel’s unique qualities as a candidate or her amazing platform. More than anything, she just wanted to know what I thought about the city of Ames and how our city could better serve us. That’s the type of leadership students need on council and that’s why I am proud to endorse Rachel Junck to be our next councilor for Ward Four of Ames.

I am excited that Rachel Junck is running for 4th Ward City Council. One of my biggest concerns is our environment. I am pleased that Rachel recognizes the global challenge of protecting our earth from the crisis of irreversible ecological damage and extreme weather that leads to human suffering.

Rachel Junck is going to be a great City Council member representing Ames' Fourth Ward after she gets elected in November. Rachel was my student in AP U.S. History (APUSH) during her sophomore year at Ames High School. I wholeheartedly endorse Rachel for three reasons: she’s curious and knows how to learn, she thinks of leadership as service and her character qualifies her to represent Iowa State students to the city of Ames.

Over the past summer, I participated in a handful of political events, talked with voters from both parties and did some soul searching. In these discussions, I discovered a shared disillusionment with the moment we are living in. Questions about the kind of country we should be are on the minds of many of our fellow citizens. 

The folks who live in Ward 4 will have a tough choice to make this November in electing their representative to the Ames City Council. Three well-qualified candidates are seeking the position.  

The Trump administration’s willingness to ignore problems such as gun violence, climate change, infrastructure and its transparent, full-frontal assault on health care and general decency guarantee that the next presidential election will determine the direction and character of our country for many years to come.

As her twin sister, I have known Ames City Council candidate Rachel Junck since the minute we were born. No one knows Rachel better than I do, which is why I believe she will be a fantastic candidate to represent all of Ames. At every stage of our lives, Rachel’s leadership and competitive drive have inspired me to do better, and her compassionate spirit has served those around her. Our parents, both public school teachers, and other community members have encouraged us to strive to our …

I feel that Beto speaks for my generation more than any of the other Democratic candidates. His stances on gun control, climate change and women’s rights make me feel included and excited for the future.

On Sept. 23, Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist from Sweden, gave a speech before the United Nations Climate Summit. She chilled her audience with, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words…We are at the beginning of a mass extinction…”  

Last week, a friend of mine suffered a concussion from a hit-and-run accident in which a bicyclist knocked my friend over. The accident occurred on one of the walking paths near central campus. The cyclist saw that my friend, who had hit her head on the sidewalk, was unconscious. When my friend regained consciousness, the cyclist asked her if she was OK before getting back on their bike and riding off without offering to call for help or even giving my friend their name or contact information.

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