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The Ames City Council conducting business at their meeting on June 18.

Rachel Junck will make affordable housing a priority if elected to the Ames City Council representing Ward 4. If elected, she will be the first ISU student with a vote on city council. 

Rachel wants us to first keep existing stock; Ames has recently lost several trailer parks. The 321 State Street site is a good beginning in expanding affordable housing. Allowing smaller lots could also help.

In high school, Rachel organized parties for children living at the Emergency Residence Project. Over 100 Ames High School students are homeless. The community should invest in Permanent Supportive Housing/Housing First. She is concerned about temporary student homelessness during the rental lease gap. She would like Iowa State and the city to join together in solving that problem.

Landlords often taken advantage of renters: timely repairs are not done, disability accommodations are weak and minimum energy-efficiency requirements for rentals should be raised. The rental code should be strengthened. The city needs a tenant’s bill of rights and a mechanism for challenging multiple fees that are charged. Rachel is the candidate who cares and will fight for these changes.  

Rachel was endorsed by Our Revolution-Story County on the local level. Nationally, the Working Families Party and Run for Something, an organization that supports young, progressive candidates for local office, have endorsed her.  

If 20-year-old Rachel is elected, students will have a voice and vote. She will be the youngest elected official in Iowa – ever. A dual gain for democracy!

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