Beto House Party 2

Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke embraces Ames resident Joan Bolin-Betts July 2 at her home. O'Rourke talked about immigration and the detention centers as well as his plans for health care, police policies and the environment 

Please know, you are not alone in supporting Beto O’Rourke. I don’t want your generation to think you do not matter. I am an older American who is supporting Beto. For you and my grandchildren.

I have witnessed big money take over our political process. We need to support Beto, with one dollar, if that is all we can spare. Take action on polls and how biased they are. Make your voices heard. Reach out to national media and demand fairness in reporting.

I support Beto, because of his truth and integrity!

Beto has policy plans written, in part, by the American people. Those plans are doable!

Beto has a plan to pay for them by re-prioritizing how we spend our money and who will benefit from those programs. 

Beto understands: climate change is real, tariffs are taxes, markets have closed to our farmers and education needs help, from preschool to Ph.D.

Beto understands: veterans have given everything for us, health care is needed by all and Medicare for America gives us choice, military grade guns do not belong on our streets, equality and equity, immigration and those who are here wanting to become US citizens and how broken Washington is.

Beto understands social services and pay discrepancies.

Most importantly, Beto knows how to beat Trump.

Hang tough and speak! Speak your knowledge and patriotism! Old fashioned word, you might say, but so applicable to this election.

Make your voices heard. People my age are counting on you to help us return to of the people, by the people, for the people.

Just because you are young, does not mean you are ignorant of the issues or opportunities, as Beto calls them.

I wish for you all to have a good future.

Stay in school! Learn to make good choices and not ever follow something or someone you don’t believe in. 

Good fortune to all of you. 

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Steve Gregg

Climate change is as phony as a four dollar bill. It is an excuse to pick America's pocket, take away your liberty, and expand the government.

If you believe that Democrats respect veterans, you're crazy. When I was in the military, liberals made a point of cursing us in public. Liberals instinctively hate the military deep down in their guts.

AR-15s and the like are not military grade guns. No military uses them because they would be outgunned by real assault rifles like M-16s and AK-47s. Liberals get this wrong because they don't know jack about guns.

Equality and equity to liberals means, in reality, preferring some races and genders and sexual orientations over others. Social justice means individual injustice.

Democrats want to let everyone foreigner into America, to eradicate our borders, and plunder the treasury to pay benefits to illegal aliens. In short, this will degrade America down to the level of a Third World country. If you like this idea, I recommend that you travel to cities like Miami, Houston, and Fort Worth, which are swamped with illegal aliens. You risk your life if you tread in their areas. For Pete's sake, take a look at Germany which threw its borders open to a flood of aliens from the Middle East, who looted their stores en masse, crapped on their front steps, raped and killed their women.

Edward Jones

You are 100% correct Steve. Thank you for your service.

Steve Gregg

Thanks, Edward, but I served in peacetime and my service was easy. I do harbor some regret about killing all those margaritas in the Officer’s Club. It was senseless, really.

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