Clement: Prison Livin'

As more of the insurrectionists from the Jan. 6 Capitol riots are put behind bars, they seem to be shocked and angered by the fact that prisons are not five-star hotels, which has led to many new inmates complaining about the conditions. Some of these complaints are reasonable, concerning standards of living and altercations with guards, though one must suppose that if these people were not in prison themselves, they would not care in the slightest about such things. Other complaints have included much less likely claims of getting "critical race theory messages" on prison-issued tablet computers, or the use of "anti-white" slurs. Some Jan. 6 rioters have even demanded to be taken to Guantanamo Bay, which they believe has far better living conditions, as right-wing propagandists keep proclaiming. I, for one, see no problems about this request being granted.

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