Clement: Hot potato

Despite the current tendency in the political and media landscape to lay much of the blame for the situation in Afghanistan at Biden's feet, his predecessors, especially George W. Bush, also played a role in creating the current disaster. While Joe Biden does bear much responsibility for the current situation, especially the fiasco that was the evacuation of Afghanistan, he cannot bear sole responsibility for the present state of affairs and indeed deserves credit for finally pulling us out of the Forever War. Unfortunately, this disaster seems to be the new major talking point in right-wing media and seems likely to be used as a cudgel against Democrats in the midterms and 2024 election.

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Facts and Logic

The darn right-wing media sources! How petty of them to talk about the single worst foreign policy decision in American history. The audacity of them to cover people being murdered in the streets! If only they would quietly sit back and discuss other matters like, oh, tax cuts or something. How dare they do their jobs and question the powers that be and the decisions made by our country! Do they think it's their job to cover events happening in our world or something? How silly! How rude of them to bring up something as paltry as American citizens left in a foreign country by the current administration! Why don't they take their cue from Fair, Scientific, Unbiased news sources like our esteemed Iowa State Daily and just ignore these awkward news events? Tsk Tsk, those pesky right-wingers, they should know better!

Gee Sam, another stellar cartoon - keep up the good work! I like the way you base your cartoons in a made-up world and just make up facts when reality doesn't support your opinions...the amount of half-truths and outright lies you are able to fit in a single caption is truly astonishing!

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