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Letter writer Armaan Gupta argues why increases in gas prices should be opposed. 

Iowa legislators are discussing a fuel mandate that would force gas stations to sell higher blends of ethanol and would ban the sale of ethanol-free 87 octane. While ethanol may seem like a good idea as a push for “clean” energy, it simply isn’t a good idea and hardly an effective approach to clean energy. All that being said, gas stations and their customers alone should get to decide what is best for their vehicle’s engine.

As a college student I am very concerned that this mandate will only drive gas prices up. By banning the sale of ethanol-free 87 octane, the only ethanol-free option available, premium gasoline, will cost 50 cents more per gallon! With limited budgets as students, we can’t afford a higher increase in gas prices. Gas prices are already rising. We are attending class full time, working part time when we can and going home to our families in the small amount of time that we get. It will make getting home even more difficult if we can’t afford the gas it takes to get there.

I hope everyone can join me in calling on our Iowa legislators to do the right thing and stop the fuel mandate (HF 859/SF 549) from becoming law.

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