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Letter writer Kim Hagemann expresses their disdain for Iowa State's lack of environmentally friendly energy initiatives. 

I was excited to read that Iowa State is finally planning on retiring its two remaining coal-fired generators. I was then extremely disappointed to read that the plan is to replace them with two natural gas generators. My questions all start with “Why?”

Why doesn’t Iowa State have a plan to replace the two coal generators with a renewable energy fix?

Why would they not choose a renewable energy solution when it is cheaper than coal or natural gas?

Why wouldn’t Iowa State decide to diversify its risk knowing there will be times when natural gas prices are extreme and it already has three natural gas-powered generators?

Why doesn’t Iowa State have a long-term plan to rid its use of fossil fuels altogether?

Why do they continue throwing good money after bad and build new buildings that rely on an antiquated steam tunnel system rather than have new buildings be designed for ground source heat pumps, which are more efficient and can be run on electricity?

Why doesn’t a university with science engineering majors show a little more “up-to-date” thinking about science and technology?

Why does a school that is educating for our future not think climate change is something that needs to be taken seriously?

Why doesn’t Iowa State take the future of the environment more seriously than the next football or basketball season and use the foundation for fundraising to build solar farms, wind farms and storage systems rather than using it to fund the next weight room for the athletes?

Why, Iowa State, do you maintain the status quo?

Why, oh why?

Kim Hagemann is an alumn of Iowa State.

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