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Letter writer John Carter expresses their disappointment in the Cyclone fans. 

This is to Cyclone fans in particular: I'm a lifelong Hawkeye fan and alum, but I've always rooted for Iowa State except for that ONE game of the year. I was shocked today by what I saw in the stands. Yes, you can fill up your stadium, but I've never seen one empty out so quickly. It looked like 90 percent of the seats were empty with lots of time left in the game. I'm afraid that makes you FAIR WEATHER FANS only.

We, Hawkeyes, fill up our stadium, too, but we don't leave when we're losing. I sat through the 20-year losing streak, and we were reduced to throwing our toilet paper rolls for just first-downs in those days. But we didn't walk away. We supported our team through thick and thin.

We always stayed to the end.

Looks like you still have a ways to go to really be winners. It's a big TEAM effort, and that includes the fans.

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Josh Montgomery


Mark Nelson

Yes, ISU fans are "outta there" as soon as the game's a loser. It's a long standing tradition, even during the 8-3 Earle Bruce years. My real issue is why does ISU always choke when it has a high ranking? The UNI game was tough. The Zoo of I game was a loser. I don't get it. Never did, never will.

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