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Ten Democratic candidates will share the stage for the third Democratic presidential primary debate Thursday.

The third Democratic presidential primary debate will take place Thursday, marking the first time the Democratic National Committee has narrowed the field of candidates enough to contain them on one stage. The previous two debates saw 20 candidates making bold statements about important issues such as health care and climate change, but also about each other. 

While some attacks made sense in terms of a candidate’s policy history — such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard pointing out Sen. Kamala Harris’ “tough on crime” record — others seemed more rhetorically designed to get a reaction from viewers than to inform them. 

At times, the moderators aided candidates in this endeavor. CNN’s Jake Tapper opened questioning at the first debate by noting criticisms of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan. Then, instead of asking policy-oriented questions about Sanders’ plan, he used another candidate’s words:

“Congressman [John] Delaney just referred to [Medicare for All] as bad policy, and previously he has called the idea political suicide that will just get President Trump re-elected,” Tapper said. “What do you say to Congressman Delaney?”

This question largely set the tone for the evening — positioning the candidates against each other instead of digging into policy issues that deeply affect many Americans. 

This time, we hope to see a stage full of candidates and moderators who remember why they’re there: to serve the American people and to ensure they can be fully informed about the issues they’ll be voting on. 

So, from the Editorial Board in the heart of the first-in-the-nation state, here are some of those issues:

According to Iowa College Aid, 59 percent of Iowa State University students graduate with debt. The average graduate carries $28,701 in debt upon graduation. Higher education is routinely underfunded in Iowa, and it’s important for students to know how a potential president plans to tackle the student debt crisis. 

Mass shootings in Texas and Ohio have made headlines in recent weeks — not a rare occurrence in present day America. The U.S. House of Representatives passed universal background check legislation in February, and even though a majority of Americans support background checks, the bill didn’t make it to the Senate floor due to partisan gridlock. We need candidates to present positions that show voters how they plan to navigate the politics of the issue to protect Americans.

Countless scientific reports have warned of climate change’s impact on the environment, and recent flooding in Iowa has demonstrated how real the problem is for us. The science tells us that we’re reaching a point of no return, and we need candidates to tell us how they’re going to prioritize environmental policy.

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Steve Gregg

Medicare reimburses doctors at below cost, which is why so many doctors refuse Medicare patients. Such patients would bankrupt them. The idea of expanding Medicare to everyone would bankrupt the health care system. It’s the kind of pie-in-the-sky impractical plan of which arithmetic-challenged Democrats are so fond. Delaney pointed this out and was castigated by the idiot socialist and fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren. You should vote against the Democrats just for Medicare-For-All alone.

The bad news is that Iowa does not subsidize the education of college students as much as they did back in my day. The good news is that you are still being substantially subsidized. My Class of 1977 paid substantially less for their ISU degree than you are. I estimate that in constant dollars that you are paying a quarter more, an extra year, for your degree. Basically, that means you’re paying for a college degree and a good used car, but not getting the car.

The answer is not to feed colleges more government money. They will just eat it up like they have all the easy student loan money that has increased over the decades. The answer is to reform the colleges, to put them on a diet, so that they lose most of the worthless bureaucracy which adds little value to your education.

As for the Odessa mass shooting, a universal background check would not have prevented it. The shooter bought his rifle home-built from the guy who made it. Anyone can make a weapon in their garage. You can buy all the parts of an AR-15 online, at gun shops, and at gun shows. The only part that is registered is the receiver. However, you can make that, too, illegally. Anyone with a moderate amount of skill could make such a rifle in a home machine shop. In Peshawar, Pakistan, self-taught gunsmiths will make you any gun you want in a week in their dirt floor machine shops. Within a few years, anyone will be able to print a gun at home after pouring metal toner into their home fabricator.

The point is that Democrats are cynically using this crime to sell a solution that would not work. Democrats do not solve problems. They strike noble poses that don’t solve anything. You should not vote for Democrats who sell you phony fixes.

Climate change is a popular delusion, phony from front to back. The climate is acting within its historic bounds and all the predictions that is departing from that are based on biased computer models that have never been correct when compared to reality. Nor is the climate change movement based on science, but pseudo-science, what Richard Feynman would call cargo cult science.

Climate change is socialism dressed in a lab coat, as AOC’s chief of staff admitted with respect to the Green New Deal. If you read the climate change alarmists of thirty years ago, they claim the point of no return was way back then. The global warming doomsday cult is a religion little different from the apocalyptic religious movements of medieval times who claimed the Earth was ending so get yourselves right with God. Now, the loony lefties have substituted Gaia for God whose sins are now not recycling, driving SUVs, and heating our homes with coal. It’s sophomoric. Educated people should reject it.

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