Columnist Olivia Rasmussen talks about Kyle Rittenhouse and the groups praising him for killing protesters. Photo taken and edited by Olivia Rasmussen.

Blue Lives Matter-obsessed domestic terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines with an AR-15 to join forces with an armed militia to instigate violence among protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin and ended up killing two people while injuring a third. While fleeing the scene, killer Rittenhouse walked right past the police on duty — still wielding his weapon. The cops did not blink an eye and let him through. Tucker Carlson and other vapid Conservatives are praising Rittenhouse for “maintaining order,” even though the 17-year-old was illegally wielding an assault rifle to “protect” property in a different state that did not belong to him.

The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse began marching the streets and flashing his gun. The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse shot a protester in the head. The protest turned violent once Rittenhouse killed a demonstrator with a skateboard who was trying to disarm him so he could not kill more people.

“But it was self-defense!”

If that’s the excuse, then why are people so distressed by the protester who pulled a handgun while trying to defend himself from the shooter with an assault rifle who gunned down his arm? Why is blood-hungry Rittenhouse being praised and why are people trying to justify his actions?

Let’s briefly rewind to the tragedy that sparked the recent protests in Kenosha. Jacob Blake, a Black father who was allegedly breaking up a domestic dispute and tried to disperse once cops arrived to the scene, was shot seven times in the back in front of his children who were in the car.

People are now alleging there was a knife in his vehicle and using that as reason behind why Blake deserved to be filled with bullet holes. Others are justifying the gruesome encounter because Blake did not “comply” with officers. Lo and behold, yet another Black man unjustly tormented at the dirty hands of law enforcement. White folks are callusing their fingertips as they maniacally search to dig up Blake’s past records, as if that has something to do with the situation.

It doesn’t.

It didn’t with George Floyd either.

What’s the difference between Rittenhouse and Blake? Rittenhouse is white and Blake is Black. Before eyes roll in exasperation, really think about the way the cops on duty treated Rittenhouse.

Videos beforehand show cops in militarized vehicles throwing Rittenhouse and his militia water bottles while expressing their appreciation of them. Rittenhouse was also able to walk free, right past the cops with his weapon visible, even after the cops had heard gunshots. I can almost guarantee if Rittenhouse was a Black man, he would have been stopped long before by officers to ensure he has a license to carry.

Why is Rittenhouse being regarded as some unsung hero for slaying people who were utilizing their constitutional rights as Americans? What kind of fascist police state are we living in where Kenosha’s own police chief is blaming the protesters for their deaths because they were out past an unconstitutional curfew instead of an out-of-state gunman who was looking for a hunt?

Self-proclaimed patriots and problematic members of the Back the Blue crowd are rejoicing in an act of domestic terrorism but are the first ones to “need the full story” or try to justify the murderer’s actions when a Black person is killed. The retaliation-based Blue Lives Matter crowd gnaws feverishly at the blood-stained boots of law enforcement, masquerading their racism as support for an oppressive system that punishes those who speak out against it.

The horrific shooting of Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse’s disgusting act of terrorism has fueled the Black Lives Matter movement even more. We march in the face of the evil that darkens the systems that are supposed to protect all of us.

We stand up to the vile degenerates who think killing Americans for expressing their constitutional rights is praiseworthy.

We fight against racism and oppression that runs rampant in the veins of our country’s institutions.

We want to better our nation for everyone, not just a select few.

This is your fight too.

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Olivia Rasmussen is a senior in public relations. 

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(6) comments

Josh Treu

Wow. I’m not siding either way with this comment, but the author’s flagrant disregard for the truth and objectivity is shocking. If this was 10 years ago I would be worried about your career in PR, now though you can ignore the truth and frame things however you want with no consequences. Just because you don’t agree with the way people behave doesn’t give you the right to slander them and make things up to justify your lies. The NY Times put together a timeline of events I suggest anyone who cares to take a look at what happened and take race out of it. This is pathetic.

Brandon Kamstra

I completely agree with you Josh, the opinions in this article directly slander Kyle Rittenhouse as a person. In the first line alone, she called him a back-the-blue Domestic Terrorist. The fact that dangerous opinions such as this make the front page concerns me. I would love to see some fact-checking on this article as well since I feel her righting was emotionally and politically motivated and about righting the backstory of either men.

Brandon Kamstra

Can't wait to see her column on the Trump Supporter that was shot in Portland just because he was there.

Milty Friedman


If you don’t mind my saying so, I believe you are mistaken in your depiction and analysis of these events.

Kyle Rittenhouse was not a domestic terrorist but a citizen. He did not cross state lines with an AR-15 to join forces with an armed militia to instigate violence among protesters in Kenosha, Kyle worked in Kenosha for an employer who owned a car lot and two car garages. The car lot was torched, every car, the first night of the riots. His employer asked his employees if they would volunteer to defend his garages against similar violence which was sure to follow. Kyle volunteered. He did not bring an AR-15 with him. The rifle was loaned to him once he arrived. The employees were not an armed militia trying to instigate violence, but rather defending their places of employment against Black Lives Matter rioters who were mindlessly destroying businesses for no reason.

Olivia, would you mind telling us where you drew these accusations? On the face of it, it appears you fabricated them. That’s considered bad practice for a journalist, don’t you think?

The police let Kyle through because they were entering a chaotic situation and he was peaceful with his hands over his head, walking away from the riot.

Likewise, your depiction of the violence is in error. The very beginning of the violence, according to one unverified account, began when Kyle saw Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, doing something to a car. When Kyle told Rosenbaum to stop, Rosenbaum charged him. Kyle took off running, where the video first captured him.

Rosenbaum throws something at him. About the same time, another BLM rioter behind Rosenbaum raises a handgun and fires a shot. Rosenbaum chases Kyle into a line of cars, where he is trapped, and grabs the barrel of the gun. Kyle fires, killing him.

Here is video of the encounter along with a narrative dissecting the action:

Here is a still from the video showing Rosenbaum throwing an object at Kyle, maybe a bottle in a plastic bag, maybe a lit Molotov cocktail:

Olivia, you claim this confrontation did not turn violent until Kyle fired his gun, yet Rosenbaum chased him, threw something at him, cornered him and grabbed his gun. All those sound violent to me. Do they sound violent to you? Video of this encounter was on Youtube soon after the event. Did you watch it? What facts upon which do you base your claim that Kyle was the aggressor? Your account of this event simply is not so.

Kyle took off running. Several BLM rioters struck him. One BLM rioter swept his leg out from under him and Kyle fell to the ground, where another BLM rioter tried to take his gun. Luckily, he had a sling on the rifle and his arm hooked in the sling. At that point, Anthony Huber, 26, hit Kyle in the head with a skateboard. Kyle shot him dead before he could hit him again. Had Huber succeeded in stunning Kyle, he would have been dead, shot with his own rifle or beaten to death.

Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, ran up on the struggle as Kyle fought off the other rioters. When Kyle shot Huber, Grosskreutz put up his palms in a false surrender, then pulled a pistol. Kyle shot him before Grosskreutz could fire. Later, in the hospital, Grosskreutz said he wished he had killed Kyle.

Kyle took off towards the police and tried to surrender, but the cops were entering a chaotic scene and simply told Kyle to get off the street.

If Kyle was blood hungry, why did he refrain from shooting his attackers until he had no other choice? Why did he run from trouble instead of shooting first? And, really, for somebody who complains that people justify Kyle’s actions, why are you justifying the attackers’ actions? It’s worth pointing out that all three of those BLM rioters shot had rap sheets. They were criminals who acted like criminals.

Milty Friedman

Jacob Blake was a criminal abuser of women, whom Olivia believes is a victim, maybe a hero, surely a martyr.

Let’s look at the complaint against Blake, shall we?:

Kenosha Police Union Offers New Details On Jacob Blake’s Alleged Actions: Attacked Police, Tried To Steal Car, Was Armed | The Daily Wire

Jacob Blake was not much of a father. He did not live with his supposed girlfriend, who had no idea where he lived, even though they had three children together in their eight year relationship. She had a court order against him for beating her up and stealing from her. Such are the makings of a hero in Olivia’s eyes.

So, she was surprised to wake up and find him standing over her, in violation of the court order. He stuck his finger in her vagina, sniffed it, and declared she was sleeping with another man. Then, he stole her bank card, car keys, and car. He withdrew $500 worth of cash twice, stealing a thousand bucks from her, a felony. When he returned, she called the police.

Olivia, why do you defend this despicable man? I thought you Daily editors supported abused women against male harassers. Yet, here, you heap scathing abuse on the police who are defending an abused woman. Why? How do you defend this creep?

When the cops arrive, they tried to talk to Blake, but he refused. They gave him commands, which he ignored. Four cops grabbed him but he resisted. They tased him without effect. The cops grabbed him again, but he fought them off, putting one of them in a headlock. They tased him again without effect. The cops then drew their guns.

As Blake walked around the car, one of the officers yelled, “Knife! Knife!” The video reveals Blake is holding a knife in his left hand. The officers yelled at him to drop the knife, but he ignored them. He reached into the car, which he had stolen, for another knife, when he was shot.

I can’t help but think that Blake was taking methamphetamine to be able fight off four cops. The tox screens will tell the tale.

Here is the criminal complaint for sexual assault against Blake:

The difference between Rittenhouse and Blake is that Rittenhouse was defending himself from criminals who were attacking him with lethal intent while Blake is a criminal who sexually assaulted his girlfriend and stole from her. That is a profound difference.

Olivia, why are you defending this criminal? What about him compels your admiration and support? Why are you ignoring his girlfriend’s complaint of his criminal assault and theft?

David Jackson

I could take this shameless gaslighting propaganda piece apart but those who have already posted have already done that. Good to see some genuine opposition to the disinformation being put out by the Iowa State Daily staff.

Olivia, not only do you fail to stand up to degenerates who think killing Americans for expressing their constitutional rights is praiseworthy, you are supporting them. You support domestic terrorists traveling from city to city to burn down private property, sometimes with people still inside of it, by claiming when they violently attack someone guarding people’s livelihood from arson, the person defending themselves from assault is a murderer!

You fail to fight against racism and oppression because you see it everywhere when it doesn’t exist (likely due to the Critical Race Theory indoctrination you’ve been spoon fed) and instead spread racial division and hatred only making race relations in the US the worse than they’ve been in 40 years.

“We want to better our nation for everyone, not just a select few.” Really!? That maybe what you want, but what exactly is what you’re doing accomplishing in the real world? What hard evidence do you have? If you are not asking these questions but instead just feeling good about yourself because your chosen political echo chamber tells you you’re “on the right side of history” or “woke” or any other self-congratulatory rhetorical nonsense, guess what…you’re just a pawn in their game.

Bravo, you’ve become such an ideologue in your time at college you unwittingly support the very things you’ve been brainwashed into thinking you’re against. Tuition well spent.

The only factual statement I could find in your article is that yes, it is my fight too, it’s all American’s fight. It’s a fight for the survival of a free and open society vs those who believe we all need to have our lives regulated by officeholders who will fan the flames of any division they can in order to cause enough chaos to panic the electorate into voting more power to them as the solution.

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