Caffeine is one of the most abused drugs out there, with coffee as the leader. Many of us can’t make it through the day without a hot cup of coffee, and we’ve settled into a caffeinated routine each morning. Why do so many of us drink it? Because it’s a stimulant and gives us a false sense of energy that makes us feel like we’re awake and alert. However, like any drug, coffee has its side effects.

What does it mean to be an introvert? Most people would give a basic definition of something along the lines of being absurdly shy, submissive, timid, nervous and other similar words that basically mean the person is scared to death of their own shadow in social situations. But shyness and introversion are not the same, and there are many other misconceptions about introverts that can give them a negative connotation. After thinking about various situations I’ve experienced over the year…

If someone told you the horn of a rhinoceros could cure the common hangover or ailment, would you buy the slaughtered animal's curved horn? You might think that is crazy, but for many poachers in South Africa looking to make a profit, that is all the reason they need to saw off the horn from the body of the rhinoceros, often before the animal is even dead.

As college students, our primary goal in the end is to obtain a higher education so that we can get a nice job in the field of our choice. Students who are graduating in a few months are now actively job hunting and hoping to find employment straight out of college. For those who are not graduating just yet, finding internships are becoming a crucial part of your education (whether they’re required or not for your major). Nevertheless, one thing everyone has in common is that for any job…

Most of us have heard our parents or grandparents say “back when I was your age…” or “back in my day…” followed by a story about their childhood and how it differs from today’s society. Now, I was born in 1990 and 23 years later, I am already saying that. The world is a lot different from how it was even a decade ago, especially in terms of technology and parenting styles.

In a world full of technological advancements and exponentially growing populations, it’s no wonder the planet’s nonrenewable resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. This is especially true in the United States, where we consume at least 20 percent of the world’s total energy resources. Keep in mind, we only make up 5 percent of the entire world’s population, yet as a whole we use up so much more energy than necessary without thinking much about it.

One of the bitterest sentences ever said in today’s dating scene is: “Nice guys finish last” or any variation of that phrase. People usually say this because they are upset about someone (who they probably have nothing in common with) who has rejected them (because they have nothing in common with them). If you’re the person who’s saying that, you need to just get over it. Not one of your friends wants to listen to your sob story, but they’ll be kind enough not to share that detail with …

As the physical effects of human impacts on Earth continue to worsen, the coral reefs in our oceans are experiencing a mass bleaching that essentially renders them lifeless and incapable of supporting many species that depend on them for survival.

The semester is almost over, and for many students, that means one thing. It's officially time to party with friends and forget about the stress of school for a while. And why shouldn’t you enjoy your break? After making it through nearly 16 excruciating weeks of constant tests, assignments, presentations and lectures, you probably deserve it.

Are you wanting to give a gift for the holidays that would leave a lasting impression? If you can provide the necessary care, time, and love, adopting a new pet from an animal shelter would be perfect.

In general, people love to buy bottled water for several reasons. Some might say the water tastes better. It is cleaner. The bottles are more convenient than cups. It is healthier to drink because there aren’t bacteria in the water, as some worry tap water is unsafe to drink. Bottled water is pure and better for you because it comes from a secret spring of crystal clear waters in some faraway mountain God himself has blessed. The list goes on and on.

Whether you believe in global warming, increased solar irradiance or that the weather is just going through a natural cycle, there is no dispute that planet Earth is getting hotter.

It is that time of year where the leaves change color and the weather gets a bit chillier. The semester is nearing an end and soon enough students will be preparing for the holidays. But, there is more to this magical month than many realize. November marks the time of year when men everywhere can go wild with their facial hair.