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The Iowa House experienced a strange phenomenon last Wednesday. During the afternoon debate, 40 percent of its members were absent. This absence was due to the fact that House Democrats had left the Capitol in protest of the matters to be debated.

February means New York Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week means two things every year: a cascade of mouth-watering, desire-inducing, dramatic fashions, and a debate on designers using underage models.

I can't help it. I adore Michelle Obama. I may disagree with some of the things her husband does but hey, what woman really wants to be judged solely on her husband? Certainly not a woman with a degree from Princeton and a Law degree from Harvard.

A few years ago, when I first learned student basketball tickets were going electronic, I was a little wary. I questioned the ease of selling tickets but was reassured you could transfer your tickets to another student or print them out. This is true.

A new Internet phenomenon has taken over open laptops in classrooms everywhere. It is called Pinterest and describes itself as an "online pinboard." Users are encouraged to "pin" items from external websites onto their own personal, categorized "boards."

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I'm discouraged. I'm upset by the lack of decency and compassion that is demonstrated by our presidential candidates. I'm saddened by the attacks on gay people and poor people and people who are just people. I'm troubled that a candidate would tell me my vote doesn't matter as much because all that I do, as an Iowan, is pick corn. I'm distressed at the lack of concrete plans and the emphasis on social issues.