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Congress has been arguing. That’s nothing new. But the things over which they have been arguing recently are new in a way. “Unrealized capital…

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At the Talladega Speedway in Alabama, Brandon Brown won this year’s Sparks 300 race, the second in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. People across Amer…

Religious liberty is a touchy subject. Given that religious beliefs deal with the most fundamental questions we can ask — such as why we are here or how we should live our lives — it is immensely important that people be allowed the freedom to believe whatever they wish. More specifically, our government should not be telling anyone what they should or should not be believing, as is made explicitly clear in the first clause of the First Amendment to our Constitution.

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It is often said that most fights between married couples involve finances. However, our nation as a whole also has disputes about money outside the home. Of course there are plenty of political disagreements as to how we should spend our funds, but our controversies stretch to a more fundamental level, even down to the very words we put on our currency.

America: home of the free, land of the brave and sanctuary of an “out-of-control regulatory state.” Now which one of these doesn’t quite sound right? If you ask many American citizens, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), they might say all three apply equally. Cruz, who recently diversified his personal platform to expand his energy policy, laments what he sees as a federal bureaucracy out of touch with the needs and desires of the American people.

For many of us in college, Bill Nye the Science Guy conjures fond memories. Whether they consist of eagerly learning more about science or simply getting to watch a goofy video clip during an otherwise boring class, the level of fame Nye’s work has achieved cannot be doubted.

The universities of our nation are wonderful places. They embody intellectual achievement, societal advancement and increased economic opportunity for their students. However, there is another public service for which our colleges are known, in some cases better than academics: athletics. Yes, our hallowed academic institutions also serve as focal points for fans of all sports to cheer for their school and their team.

Same-sex marriage is in the news a lot recently. From Utah to D.C. to Oklahoma, there are battles being fought in the courtrooms and capitol buildings across the country on the issue. So just why is it that this one group, who only comprises a small percentage of our population, is getting so much attention?

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Last year many advancements were made in providing equality to the LGBT community across the country. More and more states now recognize marriages, regardless of the couples’ sex, and a federal ban on non-heterosexual marriages was lifted by the Supreme Court.

The Affordable Care Act has many opponents for many reasons. If it seems as though the issue is being hashed and rehashed ad nauseam, that is only because it is. As the signature legislation of our current president, the health care law has become a source of division among our government and acts in many instances as a representation of our political differences.

Fall is well underway and that means one thing for many Iowans: hunting season is here. Whether they go dressed in camouflage or blaze orange, thousands of hunters have already started their yearly harvest. Many more are eagerly awaiting the final seasons of the year, namely, early and late shotgun season for deer.