Traveling to India is always a mixed bag of emotions that is accentuated by the unearthly hours of travel that these trips require of me. I wrote this column from the Heathrow airport in London, where I spent a solid chunk (eight hours, give or take) of my time before catching my second nine-hour flight of the day. Or is it days? I can’t really tell.

Christmas is coming up for those who celebrate the holiday, which means people are looking for the best deals and checking off items on their list of gifts for their loved ones. A lot of people turn to large retailers like Walmart and Amazon to find these presents, but what if there was a better option that supported folks in your community?

Incidents of hate have plagued our campus and nation, creating emotional and psychological wounds in many. It will take time to heal the wounds and that requires more conversation to help bring healing to our hearts. 

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