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Editor's note September 12, 2016: This letter has been updated with the hyperlinks to sources that were lost in the submission form when LUCHA members originally submitted it.

Editor's note April 13, 2016: After feedback received from this letter, the Iowa State Daily would like to make clear this submission is a letter to the editor. The opinions expressed in this letter are not endorsed by the Iowa State Daily or Iowa State University. Opinions expressed are of the organization submitting the letter. Any letters in response can be submitted here

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a sickness spreading at Iowa State. So the next time you use your mandatory health insurance and head to the doctor, tell him or her if you are experiencing these little-known symptoms:

  • You can get your hair cut wherever you want.
  • You can walk into the supermarket and find your favorite foods.
  • You can see yourself positively portrayed in the media.
  • You can speak your native tongue without getting looks or comments from other people.

If you have symptoms like those described above, you may want to be checked for white privilege. White privilege is like a virus. Carriers are often unaware of their infection for decades while spreading their disease to everyone they come in contact with. White privilege also spreads in ways we wouldn’t expect, namely, through the media. There have been two letters to the editor within the past month complaining about their whiteness being compromised, whether that be through scholarship opportunities for minorities, or through being “forced” to be “politically correct” (also known as being conscientious and respectful by most sensible people).

Take for example Carstens’ article about scholarships. Carstens argues that disability scholarships are somehow different from race or faith-based scholarships because “people with disabilities need to pay for supplies just to be able to attend college.”

The assumption that all disabled people need extra supplies for college is ableist, and the assumption that all people are financially able to attend college is the result of untreated white privilege.

White people have spent decades building wealth while many of our ancestors were blocked from buying property, owning homes and building businesses. As a result, white families have double the wealth on average than families of color, meaning we often have less financial support from our families.

Moreover, recipients of non-race-based scholarships are overwhelmingly white due to selection biases and numbers: a white woman is more likely to be given a scholarship than a black woman (especially if she has an “ethnic” sounding name) with similar GPA, writing skills and experience because there are 10 times as many white women to choose for the scholarship.

Many of us need scholarships to even fathom attending an institution of higher learning, and the gap is only getting wider. At its most extreme, women of color who graduate from college are paid 46 percent less than their white male counterparts, meaning it would take them astronomically longer to pay off their loans and send their own kids to college.

The idea of eliminating race-based scholarships ignores the historical context of legalized discrimination and proves that people who believe this school of thought have fallen into the myth of meritocracy.

White privilege isn’t one person. It’s not your neighbor or your classmate. While we can all appreciate the First Amendment, it is reckless and dangerous to allow such hateful and blatantly wrong rhetoric to continue to circulate. White privilege means you are not only blind to racial inequality, you can also brag about this ignorance publicly and without consequence.

White privilege is so ingrained in our society that there’s no way that we could cover this epidemic in one letter to the editor. But don’t be scared. While there is currently no way to cure white privilege, there are definitely ways to deal with the symptoms. Educate yourself. Don’t expect your minoritized friends to explain your privilege to you. Innoculate. Educate others. Be an ally. And rest assured that we are working hard to eradicate the disease here on campus.

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Jonathan Scharf

So here it is, what the now infamous letter was really warning us about. First off I want to point out that three fourths of the points of "white privilege" you count off in the opening apply to anyone native to the US. Ethnically black hair is different to cut than white hair and as such some are unable to cut it well, I'll give you that. If you were born here then your favorite food is at the supermarket because 99-100% of all the food you've ever eaten has come from that or similar super markets. Every ethnicity is portrayed positively in at least some media, and every ethnicity is portrayed negatively in at least some media. Obviously if you're native to the US, even if your parents don't speak any English, you're at least proficient in it and you effectively have two first languages. Immigrants are not particularly well liked in the modern age, but honestly when have they been well-received anywhere in the world?

One thing I would like to say to everyone, as a statement of fact, you are, at absolute most, 122 years old and likely around a century younger. What happened 200 years ago does not effect you. Your ancestors may have been denied opportunity based on race but you were not. Other people's families may have been richer than yours in the past but that's no indication that they still are. If wealth were purely additive generation to generation then we'd all be rich.

Historical context matters when we discuss what lead to Alexander Hamilton being shot in a duel. Historical context matters when we talk about why there are statues of Confederate generals. Historical context would not justify finding and shooting the descendants of Aaron Burr. Historical context would not justify building new statues of Confederate war heroes. Historical context does not justify giving an ethnicity the upper hand because their ((great)^5)grandparents had the lower hand.

A scholarship being more likely to go to a white person because of numbers doesn't mean an individual white person is more likely to get it than an individual black/asian/whatever person. Similarly, almost no one can afford college, white or not. Loans, however, are freely available to the point where some people get into trouble taking out far too much for an education they don't need or aren't prepared for. Many loans are even specifically designed for lower income students and have incredibly favorable terms.

When someone says "I'm not a racist but" that usually means that they're racist and about to say something racist and are just trying to cover themselves. A much newer and more threatening phrase is emerging along the lines of "I'm not against free speech but". You are allowed to disagree but you are not allowed to silence. I disagree with you vehemently but I am not trying to convince anyone you shouldn't be allowed to speak, just that they shouldn't listen to you. Getting angry that someone says you're trying to silence them and then responding by trying to silence them really just proves their point. Talking in general without consequence is a valued privilege that all enjoy. I will most likely face no real consequence from this comment and I do in utmost sincerity hope and believe that you will face no real consequence from your letter.

Do you know why the statistic of women earning 80 cents on the dollar endures, even if it is only accurate at the most superficial level? Because men are more likely to get scientific degrees and enter high paying scientific jobs. Women in scientific fields are just as skilled and get paid just as much as the men but women are simply less likely to be interested in many of the higher paying careers. In every study where seniority and position are accounted for there is no gender pay gap, no race pay gap, no any other pay gap to a significant degree (I think the most I saw among said studies was around 99 cents to the dollar that was unexplained by other factors). Double major in African American History and Gender Studies and you'll be lucky if you can avoid a job flipping burgers.

Political correctness is not just being respectful and conscientious. Other than a few generally jovial jibes I believe I have been respectful in this comment; nowhere do I insult you or even insult your views, I simply provide facts and counterpoints. At the same time, present this comment to anyone as politically correct and I believe you would be officially excommunicated from the church of social justice.

I apologize if this comment seems disorganized; I tried to keep count of the points made in the letter that were inaccurate or oversimplified to the point of inaccuracy but it just overflowed every calculator I tried to use.

Katy Jones

Very good succinct review. Your points are valid and well stated. You should highly consider writing a letter to the editor yourself!

Jonathan Webb

^^^ Love it! Scharf- keep doing good work! Your lengthy rebuttal exemplifies the problem of White (and male, and, and, and...) Privilege and its dysconscious effect on society. Thanks for your contribution to revealing how uneducated the world is. Together, indeed, we will make this world a better place! In solidarity...

Jonathan Scharf

If you would please actually state an example of how what I said was inaccurate I would be glad to reply to your arguments instead of your ad hominems.

Steve Gregg

Don't hold your breath, Jonathan. Any time a liberal disagrees with what you are saying, they call you a racist. That's their all purpose answer for everything.

Katy Jones

Amen to that!

Steve Gregg

My thanks to the lefty editors of the Daily for posting this lefty loony pinyata for me to smack.

The idea of white privilege is racist nonsense. The idea that you are being discriminated against if you are a Latina in lily white Iowa where there aren't many hair stylists who cater to Latinas, not much Latina food, where you don't like to see Hispanic gang-bangers on TV, and not much Spanish spoken, well, it's just culturally obtuse. Of COURSE, there is none of that in Ames because Hispanics did not settle Iowa.

I could not find a cheeseburger in Manila. Does that mean Philippinoes are racists or could it possibly mean Philippinoes don't eat cheeseburgers? If I pitched a fit about how the lack of cheeseburgers was a result of brown privilege that would make me the biggest racist idiot in the Philippine archipelago, you know what I mean?

Here is a clue for the culturally obtuse: If you are looking for great Mexican food, you probably should not go where all the white people eat, because they will probably lead you to cheeseburgers, not enchiladas. Likewise, if you are looking for a kosher deli, don't follow Mexicans around. You'll never get there. Different cultures eat different food. It's pretty stupid to claim such cultural diversity is racist.

Yes, in America everyone is financially able to attend college. The government has a lot of programs to pay for it or to lend you the money. The problem in America is students over-borrowing student loans, not that they can't they get one. How can you not know this?

The reasons why brown people have not built wealth are many. The primary reason is that Hispanics do not form families at the rate whites do. Two thirds of whites are born in intact families with a father but only half of Hispanics are. Without two parents, you are far more likely to be poor. The government does not force you to have kids outside of marriage. The Ku Klux Klan does not barge into churches stopping Hispanics from getting married. Forming families is entirely within your control. It's racist to blame whites for your own dysfunctional behavior that leads to poverty.

Another reason is that Hispanic countries are organized to fail, as all former Spanish colonies are. People don't have title to their homes in Central and South America, which is the major source of wealth in America. The process of forming a business south of the border can take months and half a year's pay, plus bribes, so it happens less and most businesses must operate illegally, subject to bribes to stay open. In America, it takes a day and a day's pay to register a business's and off you go. These stupid rules that strangle business are the result of pervasive corruption, not white racism.

Likewise, the laws regarding the formation of corporations are shaky south of the border and do not protect investor capital. Therefore, it's difficult for honest people to form any large enterprise, like a car factory.

All of these things that stop you from getting rich are under your control. Form families and change your laws to mirror those of America and you will be rich like Americans. Blaming your screw ups on white racism just makes you a racist loser.

Meritocracy may be a myth south of the border but it is real in America. If you outperform everyone else in school or business, you will succeed here. This is something you need to learn about America. You may notice that the harder working students get As while slackers get Cs. This is a valuable clue for you about meritocracy.

It's racist nonsense to claim that black women are paid less because of racism. That slander dissolves upon casual inspection of their majors, which are in areas that don't pay. If they major in computer science, they are guaranteed to get the same pay anyone else gets. There are black and minority women in every computer shop I've worked and they are not working for half pay. If you know Oracle database, employers don't care if you are purple. If you majored in sociology expecting to make a fortune, well, welcome to the unemployment office.

Freedom of speech as defined and protected by the First Amendment is one of the foundations of American success. Your idea that free speech should be stopped when you disagree with it is completely wrong and un-American, but very popular in impoverished banana republics run by thugs. Take a look at Venezuela. That attitude is why the Spanish-speaking countries south of the border fail while the English-speaking countries north of the border succeed. Such individual freedom, guaranteed by our Constitution, is why brown people flee brown countries for white countries.

The pestilence most afflicting American culture is not racism, but rather identity politics, where lefty loonies demand they be rewarded based on who they are rather than what they can do. I urge you to give up your whiny racism and join the American meritocracy.

Katy Jones

I wholly agree with your review. We as individuals are not defined by anything physical, but rather by what we put forth to make ourselves out to be. Here we are free to pursue and dream to be more than our predecessors, and there are more than enough ways to do it so long as the individual as the drive and potential. Yes there are sacrifices and it is hard, but at least it is available to us, unlike in some places in the world.

Jonathan Webb

The amazing Toni Morrison states, “The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.”

I don't have time to address all the dysconscious, ignorant, foul, racist, cheap, rhetoric that has been spouted in the comments. But hey- you keep talking. It teaches us who you are and gives us further evidence of the disease in our society. As for me, frankly, I lead an exceptionally busy day and life. To take time to try to explain why you are ignorant, when you are too ignorant to even see you are ignorant, is futile. And, YOU should do the work of becoming conscious. In fact, you are so brilliant and so hard working, why are you guys asking others to educate you? How is it my job to elucidate the research- much of it conducted by white people- when clearly you are brilliant and hard-working enough to do this on your own? So, I'll just let you keep spouting your hate. In the meantime, I'll keep creating spaces for love, liberation, emancipation, and consciousness. In the end, our society based on "meritocracy" will shift what it deems to be of merit. Until then, play your outdated games. In the final score, LOVE has always won. Always. And it will again, and again, and again... And at some point you will acknowledge that your fear-based system not only imprisons others, but you and your children as well. Eventually, I'm convinced, you'll pick Love. It will be hard work for you to do that; I get it. And I know this is hard work that you are resisting and that it feels overwhelming. I acknowledge your pain and laziness. As humans, we are prone to that. But I believe that if you stick to it and do your best, you'll eventually figure it out. I believe in you! You can do it! Simply, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do it! Independently. On your own as individuals. You have so much potential... just get to work.


Jonathan Scharf

No one's asking you to justify your reason for being. I believe the jist of what we're asking is "why aren't you happy?" I recall in a previous comment you made you made a reference to you not being the stereotypical "happy negro" (though I'd never actually heard that stereotype before) and at least from where I'm standing I'm not sure what you have to complain about.

You seem convinced that you're being oppressed while you're taking in a respectable 50k/yr teaching what at least appears to be subjects you enjoy. I believe I'd be happy to end up in a position like yours (though teaching different things), so what more do you really want? Of course some black people are a fair bit worse off than you, but so are many white people. You're an example of someone who worked hard and got ahead in life.

Additionally, people asking you to substantiate your arguments is really just the norm. I can respect that you're very busy, especially with the end of the semester coming up, but I really can't think of anywhere in life you can show up, make claims, then call people who ask you to explain your claims racist before leaving (well, colleges are increasingly examples of where you can do that to applause).

As a final note, almost nowhere throughout history has love won. I'm not a major history buff, but especially in the more ancient times the civilizations in the best positions tended to be the most warlike ones. You could argue that recent legislation is a victory for love, but those are battles and love for our fellow man still seems to be losing the several wars going on around the globe.

Steve Gregg

So, you have no rational rebuttal of this racist white privilege nonsense, only name calling, the lowest form of argument. Not only is the charge of white privilege feeble-minded and wrong, so is your empty-headed rebuttal.

Jonathan Webb

Your intelligence is showing. Go back and read what I wrote. Not one instance of me name calling there. Yet you responded with calling me empty-headed. Nice. Keep talking Gregg. Please. Keep showing us who you are. I promise, we will believe you. Keep talking. All I can say is thank you! Brilliant!

Steve Gregg

Jonathan, you may think your rebuttal was brilliant but it was feeble-minded. Basically, you objected to anyone not sharing the catechism of your liberal tribe. Check your unexamined self-righteousness. When you support a racist making baseless slander against a race she hates, you are simply wrong.

Jonathan Webb

Yessss. Please. Keep talking. Keep revealing. But real quick...Scharf- your questions about me claiming oppression. I have a lot of thoughts. But here is what I will say. Briefly. Unlike what is promoted in your culture, individualism at all costs, I am collectivists in culture. Frankly, we aren't free unless we are all free. It is humorous to me that you can't see that. Do you not recognize your oppression? Do you not see how onerous it is to uphold your cultures' way of doing things- knowing that if you stop and choose love over fear, the they would eat you alive in a moment?

But both of you, please...keep talking. Keep sharing. Invite your friends to talk and share too. You simply validate the illness/disease/sickness that surrounds us. Thank you. God bless you. Because you are showing some real stuff! And I couldn't be happier!!!

Jonathan Scharf

You, sir, are free. We are all free. Name one thing I can do that anyone else in this country cannot (with some obvious exceptions like "be a father"). The law dictates some things that none of us can do, and if you don't like our laws you are free to vote for the politicians who promise to change those laws.

Perhaps I cannot recognize how my very existence is oppressing untold millions; I honestly ask you to enlighten me on how exactly I can do that. I'm afraid such things are beyond me, as I chose to study something boring like engineering instead of something useful like metaphysic theology.

Jonathan Webb

Your discourse is symbolic of the problem. You come with this innocence of inquiry- explain to me...teach me...show me... etc. Yet, you slip in nearly every post my salary (from this institution), my identity, my studies. What is your point? Because if you were sincere, if you were honest, you would have directly emailed me a long time ago to begin a dialogue. You make it more and more clear with every post that you aren't interested in education. You aren't interested in understanding. You are interested in upholding a system of White Supremacy, Christian Hegemony, ableism, perverted individualism, heteronormativism, etc. You are wanting me to concede the point. But guess what? It is never going to happen. We see you. We see you and your passive-aggressiveness on here. We see you feign teachability and interest in knowing, and yet, you can spend time googling me, researching me, but you can't pick up any number of books and read. You can sure google, but can't google research that has been done? This is the piece that is so rich.

We see you. Your illness is evident. So, keep talking. And then follow up by not educating yourself. Keep talking and perpetuating myths around meritocracy, but then sit back and don't do the hard work of unpacking your own unconsciousness. Keep projecting onto others a lack of initiative, a lack of work ethic, a lack of will power, but then yes- you just keep being you and demonstrate the lack of initiative and will power and ethical behavior you possess by not doing the work of reading, researching, and authentic dialoging needed to uncover how your privilege and unconsciousness leads you to erroneous thought.

Keep talking.

Again, I reiterate. Had you been sincere, you would have emailed me personally a long time ago. And you know what's funny? If you had reached out, I am the kind of person who would have sat down and shared some tea with you and lovingly held a conversation with you- in person or via technology. Because I have done this time and time again. You aren't sincere. You are in fear. And rightly so. Whenever we hold onto outdated systems of power and control used to oppress and minimize others, we end up in a state of fear. I understand you are scared. If I held your beliefs, if I was working hard to dismiss the experiences of millions of people and choose blindness over recognizing how colonialism has devastated our world and continues to impact people on a daily basis, I would be in fear too. If I was confronted with the reality that I could do the very hard work of investigating my own privilege (which I do regularly), but know that it might call into question the very way in which I have been carefully taught to see the world, I would be in fear too. The difference between people like you and people like me? Some of us simply choose to invest in consciousness, learning, education, liberation, truth, and ultimately- love. Your fear that has guided this whole, very fake conversation, is powerful. Powerfully weak.

Keep talking. You are indeed teaching us. I thank you. You are actually contributing to the corpus of evidence used in teaching power and privilege. My colleagues and I thank you for this work!

Jonathan Scharf

You say you want to educate but I'm not sure you've answered a single question leveled at you. I'll admit I'm not "sincerely" interested in learning this because I've already heard most of the arguments you would probably use and found them lacking. I wasn't completely insincere, though, if you came up with anything particularly novel I wouldn't have dismissed it out of hand. I can google public information that I think I spent a total of 5 minutes looking for, but asking me to google and read every book or post written on the subject is a bit different, I believe.

I'll admit the line about your studies was underhanded, I tend to get a bit testy later at night. The lines about your salary, however, are relevant. If you barely made enough to scrape by while working at a college level post you might have an argument about oppression, but you can live quite comfortably with your pay, especially in a small town like this. Whether or not you actually do is down to your spending habits, but that's really more your personal fault than anyone else's.

There is no system of oppression to uphold. If there are any white supremacist meetings in town they're most likely by people with the least power because blaming other people for personal failure is one of the ways people cope. Colonialism ended over two hundred years ago (in this country, at least). Feminists are kind of the same way, the places where feminism is most prevalent are the same places where women already have freedom and equality. You really don't hear much about it in Saudi Arabia or other places where women are actually disenfranchised. You don't hear that much about racist systems in places where those systems actually exist.

I'm not really sure why you say this conversation has been fake; at least I've meant all I've said. Similarly I honestly do hope you use conversations like this as teaching guides to students because maybe, just maybe, one of them will bother to actually look at these situations and come to their own conclusions instead of accept that they, who are attending university and thus likely on a better than average track, aren't actually oppressed. No one's forcing them to attend college, no one's forcing them to do anything, the same way no one's preventing them from doing anything that isn't illegal.

Steve Gregg

What a load of pseudo-intellectual babble.

Steve Gregg

Looks like the rats are abandoning the ship. The lefty editors of the Daily can't take the heat from reactions to their proxy presenting their racist lefty position:

"Editor's note: After feedback received from this letter, the Iowa State Daily would like to make clear this submission is a letter to the editor. The opinions expressed in this letter are not endorsed by the Iowa State Daily or Iowa State University. Opinions expressed are of the organization submitting the letter. "

Katy Jones

Well you asked for my opinion on this and here is what I have to say ( warning this is a very long post only read if you are dedicated to learning about differences of opinions and view points). In regards to this letter to the editor. I will analyze each paragraph individually since such a large amount of information is covered and it would not do it justice to be summarized.
Just analyzing the first bullet points I examine a few flaws mainly based on their generalized examples. I see no need to specifically go through these since the errors in their assumptions are so glaringly obvious.
I do not know exactly which letters the author is referring to since they fail to state the title, but I can believe that I have read one of these. I do not believe that the authors of those letters were stating that their “whiteness” was being oppressed, but rather that they believed that the further use of discrimination based on skin color was not eligible criteria for selecting whom should receive a scholarship. The “’forced’ to be ‘politically correct’” part can also be understood by the fact that certain individuals feel as though they are having their right of free speech hushed and words put into their mouth. The right to express one self’s opinion whether right, wrong, or whatever the listener believes is allowed. Many have forgotten that we are allowed to state our opinion, such as I am doing now so long as it is not slandering. You do not have to agree with me and can quit reading at any time, but I am allowed to make my opinion known just like the individuals in that referenced letter to the editor.
For the next two paragraphs I can not say much about the needs of a disabled person attending college. I have not gathered any information on the subject and therefore will withhold my opinion until I can gain more.
I can see that there is some specific information cited in this next paragraph about ancestors and would be more inclined to agree if the author had used some form of referencing for his use of data. Beyond that, I can see what he mean about some family lineages, but I can also see the flaws in his assumptions. Just my family alone has gained plenty of land and money based on opportunities arising based on the era, but they have also lost everything too because of industry moving or a loss of the head of family. This assumption that ancestors affect their decedents is again another large assumption that falls flat. I and my parents never gained anything from my grandparents except for some genetics and predispositions. If anything we should look back to them for guidance, not wealth, to see where we can strive to do better than them to better ourselves and the people around us.
I can see that the fact about the recipients of non-race-based scholarship being mainly white can be an alarming fact at first, but what the author fails to note is what was the complete demographic of the applicants for the scholarship?, Did the scholarship focus on a field of study that was mainly pursued by White individuals?, and as a whole What was the criteria for said scholarship? All of these factors are part of the logical reasoning that can be used to explain why Whites are more likely to receive these scholarships. The author does this logic in the end of this paragraph and states that there are just more white women than black women to choose from for a scholarship. By rationalizing it out, it can be observed that even if all of these names were put into a complete lottery system, white women would be more likely to receive the scholarship than black women because there are more white women applying which is a logistical analysis and has nothing biased about it.
On this next paragraph I am gain turned off by the lack of credibility based on the lack of citation, but I will continue to analyze the data as fact for the purpose of giving my opinion. The facts about wage differences are a long and complex problem that comes down to the fact that the male counterpart given in this example was most likely more qualified for the job. That is just the cold hard facts. In most all positions men are better candidates and therefore worth more to an employer than their female counterparts mainly because of their reliability and lack of outside commitments. To an employer these trains are worth their weight in gold, therefore the employer will pay these employees more for their loyalty.
The paragraph following this one puzzles me, and I fail to understand what the author was trying to say. I believe it to be a paragraph about the persuasion as to why there should be race-based scholarships. Since I cannot properly understand the author’s opinion I will withhold my own.
I believe that ignorance is one of the most dangerous things an individual can pursue, but I do not believe “White privilege” to be this. I believe it to be a set of facts about demographics, statistics, and other information that has been compiled and slandered into something negative. I believe that the problems arising in our society about racial inequality should not be confronted in this manner. This method is highly inefficient and is ineffective in reaching the necessary audience, white individuals. Instead methods should be used to show how individuals that have plenty should use these resources to help those whom are less fortunate around them; this has nothing to do with race, but rather about being a decent human being. Also the last statement in this paragraph again goes hand in hand with our right of free speech. Individuals are allowed to flaunt their ignorance to their content, and instead of scorning those individuals in private, individuals should take it as an opportunity to educate our fellow citizen. It might only be one person, but it only takes a spark to start a fire. Every person that you help educate is one more that can tell another. Do not be that person whom immediately scolds the individual, but rather ask them why they feel this way and work to understand their point of view before you go enforcing yours on them. This approach will make the other individual more likely to agree with you and change their point of view.
I hope I have made my opinion clear, there is such a thing as “White privilege” as stated by you. This “White privilege” is merely statistical data summed up into one larger title. This information should not be blindly summarized by a title and instead analyzed one piece at a time such that the author of this letter attempted to do. As a whole, this information should be rationalized out by the fact that the majority of the population in the United States is White. Even here at Iowa State at the very least 70% if it’s population is White. Therefore it makes it reasonable to assume that a white individual will be more likely to be qualified for scholarships that are not based on race. All of this information is rationalized out by taking the seeming random information gather by “White privilege” and comparing to statistical reasoning. If there are any rational questions are comments I would love to discuss them, but just remember this is all my opinion so feel free to either agree or disagree. It matters not to me.

steve McGarry

I landed on this discussion for lack of a better word last night by accident and have watched with great interest. Im a mid 50's man that lives in an area that is probably very similar too where you live in Iowa, 2 hours east of San Francisco and 2 hours south of Sacramento with a CSU college in town. The Central Valley of California tends to lean to the right, not the stereotypical view of California.Yes I am a white man that does not feel the need to apologize or feel like I need a doctor.
Based only on what im reading I have a really good idea what my right leaning son would have gone thru in Mr. Webb's class, and probably a lot of other classes as well. He experienced the name calling, the lack of honest discussion etc....because of his political ideas at a university in southern Ca. My Daughter would have had a completely different experience simply because of her left leaning ideas. Much too my surprise I thought that institutions of higher learning were places where ideas were exchanged honestly and openly and with civility. That fallacy came as a big surprise and has been reinforced not only by this discussion but also by reading many different perspectives about what's going on at college campus's across the country.
if I didn't know any better id swear by what iv'e read that Mr. Scharf was the teacher, professor etc...... trying to get a younger person too critically think and reason out his position in a logical way and be open to the ideas of another person.
I say to you Mr. Webb respectfully that you offer up nothing that makes me even remotely consider changing my outlook about apologizing for being a white man.The idea that I got something that I didn't work for, or that I should feel guilt over a desire to give my children a leg to stand on in this world with money that I earned is simply ridiculous too say the least.
Some of the things you have said just flat out do not make sense. The comments about love conquers all and that your in a place of love intimating that if someone doesn't think the way you do they must not have love for their fellow man? No language, head miss shaped, no art....Huh? Even the suggestion that he email you and sit over tea makes me wonder why you would rather sit in private so you could explain it too him makes no sense too me
.You chose to join a discussion in a public forum and instead pointing out what you believe you simply offer up that you don't have time while figuratively wagging your finger telling him to just keep talking? He's asked you repeatedly too explain your position while explaining his and frankly from where I sit you have done nothing but in a round about way tell him he is ignorant and or stupid and im sure you know the definition of both words.
I got part of my education about life after high school on a construction site working side by side with all races and creeds.
I didn't take the time to sit here thinking I was going to sway anybody one way or the other, im just a regular average every day working man living in Turlock after all. The questions I put out there are rhetorical. I firmly believe that when we as individuals believe that when someone has a differing opinion than our own it automatically makes them wrong doesn't bode well for our society in the future. Id point out the political landscape as well as the middle east as examples.Shutting someone else down may work in academia but it doesn't in the real world.

Steve Gregg

Welcome to Iowa, Steve. Have a seat. Take your shoes off, Stay awhile.

The gist of what you are saying is that the same political correctness pushed by the lefty editors of the Daily exists in California, too. It's all over the US, smothering us all in nonsense purveyed as wisdom, racism disguised as cultural diversity, censorship dressed up as rights, intolerance portrayed as virtue. We have a duty to push back on this vice and defeat it. So, let us commence.

Sarah Ashby

You assume that you (minorites) were the only people to be offended by Charles Braun's letter about political correctness. This very pointed response is actually very concerning because out of MANY offensive statements made in his letter, none of which ever actually discussed minorities (LGBT, religion, and sex were the actual topics he touched on), you decided to make his letter about you and then proceeded to write an equally offensive letter making all white people at Iowa State sound like ignorant "diseased" monsters. Does White Priveledge still exist in this country? Absolutely! But when all you talk about is how horrible white people, in general, are, despite the ridiculous number of us who fight every day to make YOUR lives a little better for the sole purpose of equality, well... It makes it a little difficult to continue fighting for people who don't even recognize our efforts. And it seems like you are so focused on your own personal injustices, you completely fail to notice, let alone DO ANYTHING, to help fight for others. I am a white woman. But I also happen to have multiple mental disabilities. I am a minority, and yet, to most of you, all you see is my whiteness. You talk about how racist white people are, but you are just as racist to us. Does that make what has happened in this country since its beginning okay? No. But it also isn't making it any better. Try for one moment to think about what you are doing; you are making enemies out of the very people who are fighting for your rights. If you are smart, you will learn to differentiate between the ignorant bigots who just happen to be white, and those of us who do NOT deserve to be attacked and placed in your tiny judgemental box of prejudice.

mike locascio

Jonathan - You stated " Unlike what is promoted in your culture, individualism at all costs, I am collectivists in culture. Frankly, we aren't free unless we are all free." There is no such thing as FREE when the you are asking the government to step in and take sides. Is it free when the government forces the majority of welfare recipients into "slavery" by keeping them on welfare? Yet the African American population overwhelming supports Democratic candidates and wants more "free" stuff from government. How can you claim to be a collectivist (which I'm not sure is a real thing) and claim no one is free until we are all free yet the idea of a cultural class is "free" means taking from one group to give to another group. Why did the Irish immigrants where were treated so much worse than slaves manage to assimilate and shed the bonds of discrimination yet after 5 generations the black culture still clings to it?

steve McGarry

Well thanks for the invite.....I can't comment on the leanings of what i've just realized is a college "news paper" since I have not really looked at it.
Yes we have people in this state that SEEM too be looking for ways too be offended every time they crawl out of bed also. It's no wonder that nothing gets done in politics when the electorate has become no more than a multitude of special interest groups, that politicians need too pander too in order too become elected. Im not exactly sure how we did it, but Ive been wondering how my generation, we the parents of the generation on college campus's across the country, contributed too what seems too me a bunch of people that feel that every part of their being must be catered too. I at times refer them as the..... everybody needs a trophy generation.
Does bigotry exist of course....no brainer. It's not exclusive too white people contrary to popular belief.
if I was a black man in need of a hair cut, and for whatever reason it wasn't as simple as getting a trim id want it cut by someone that knew what they were doing, not demand that every barber knew how too do it. I have respect for people that speak two languages. If I did and was in a room filled with people that didn't, id probably not speak the other language because id not want people too think I was talking about them (being sensitive too others feelings, sorry if your getting wet from the dripping sarcaism) or doing it just because I could.... being driven from ego. The grocery store......come on really? LOL
Almost ( has too be a hand full of racist people that are warped and enjoy it) everyone cares about how sometimes police handle their jobs.So when something tragic happens, burn and loot the neighborhood and then complain that area is a blight for years? Look up what happened in Los Angles after Rodney King, Ferguson MO is just way too obvious.
From that black lives matter's comes into the picture. When someone points out that young black men are killing each other at an astronomically higher rate than police, then for the most part that group deflects. Black on black crime a myth? I was very surprised too find that on a google search. Now Im hearing that well....white people kill white people. Ya think? The statistics are out there from any number of sources that yea whites kill more whites and blacks kill more blacks. Crying shame for both isnt it? I think it is......Bill Clinton having too "almost" apologize too a group of selfish people that care only about what they think attempting to shout him down, then having too listen how he is alienating a certain group of voters is insulting too me. It insults me for the simple reason that we have too please everyone too get the vote.....then its back to business as usual in D.C.
There is another set of stats that can easily be found, the break down by race, by sex and age of who is in prison across the country. I know I was surprised at some of the numbers.
I only use those as examples of a couple of things that hit me smack dab in the face.

The old adage of catching more flys with honey than vinegar seems too be lost on a lot of people. All I mean by that is yelling and screaming and calling people names is going to push them away because they don't think you have a valid point or you would be making it, even if it was over and over and over. Not something that's news to anyone im sure.
The post war 40's and 50's spawned the 60's etc.....It's going too be interesting too see what the generation that comes from today's college students and those that are in the same age range and don't attend, are going too be like. The hippie generation, flower children etc and the people in my age group from the 70's, 80's.....are in Washington, state capitols and teaching at universities now.
I do appreciate the opportunity too share my thoughts with anyone that's interested. Im not hip slick and cool, I don't think Im changing anyone's mind about anything, im sure nothing ive said is new to anyone here. Im Just A regular working stiff living in Turlock in the central valley of California with the sense that God gave a goose.

Ken Dometriosis

What a bunch of whining, crybaby emo wussies! if it wasn't for white folks, you idiots wouldn't have ANY inventions, discoveries or creations! If you vaggots dont' like it, GO TO AFRICA WITH THE REST OF THE N*GGER SOCIO-PARASITES!

Maria Zaman

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