In your community there are people who have had the procedure called ECT or electroshock. In the last decade, use has greatly increased, and is used for many reasons now, and offered readily. Used at leading facilities. I am submitting from Oregon, but speak on behalf of my peers, as many cannot. We are showing damages on MRI, EEG, neuro/cognitive testing and SPECT. This is a public health issue that needs to come to light.

Socrates (469-399 B.C.), the founding father of Western philosophy, believed only through the process of continual questioning could a person discover truth. According to Socrates, questions are the answer. With Iowa’s legislature starting Jan. 13, there are a multitude of questions Gov. Reynolds and legislators need to answer and act upon in 2020.

Do you feel rage or sadness when you think about our country’s current political system? A political system that allows the president of the United States, both past and current, to cage adults and children at the border while some of those adults and children die or get abused at the hands of federal agents? A political system that revels in the oppression of its people of color and makes a pretty penny off our crooked prison and justice system. A political and economic system that work…

Traveling to India is always a mixed bag of emotions that is accentuated by the unearthly hours of travel that these trips require of me. I wrote this column from the Heathrow airport in London, where I spent a solid chunk (eight hours, give or take) of my time before catching my second nine-hour flight of the day. Or is it days? I can’t really tell.

It’s finals week again. This means that healthy habits slowly walk out the window as everyone resorts to eating warm soul food in the guise of cheap pizza. In this column, I shall attempt to examine whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Yes, I know this has been done to death before, but bear with me here. Spoilers ahead.

Christmas is coming up for those who celebrate the holiday, which means people are looking for the best deals and checking off items on their list of gifts for their loved ones. A lot of people turn to large retailers like Walmart and Amazon to find these presents, but what if there was a better option that supported folks in your community?

Incidents of hate have plagued our campus and nation, creating emotional and psychological wounds in many. It will take time to heal the wounds and that requires more conversation to help bring healing to our hearts. 

When the current election cycle started there was one candidate that I felt should just go away. That person was Tulsi Gabbard.Based upon everything I had heard or read, she was being portrayed as a blight upon the democratic party. Fair enough.Being the contrarian that I am, I decided to look a little deeper. What I found made me realize I was wrong. What I found was someone who realizes that a good idea is a good idea, no matter what side it comes from. In a polarizing time, this is so…

If you’ve been following the news cycle, you’ll know that for the past couple of weeks, the United States House of Representatives has been hosting impeachment hearings. In these hearings, various people have come before the House to share their testimony regarding various offenses claimed against President Donald Trump.

After Tuesday’s runoff election for representative of Ward 4 of the Ames City Council, Rachel Junck is now the youngest woman to be elected to political office in the state of Iowa. Junck beat out incumbent Chris Nelson for the position.

The moment has come, ladies and gentlemen. Dead Week and finals. They are only a few days away. Am I stressing you out? Good. Feel a little guilty? Even better. Some of you have not started studying for finals and you feel worse every day because of it. Hint: maybe it is time to start.

Action movies are often criticized for being testosterone-fueled entertainment filled with unnecessary explosions and graphic gore. The template for an average action movie involves muscle shirts, flimsy plots and bloody fist fights on rooftops while flaming helicopters fall from the sky. However, that template has been recently challenged by a trilogy of movies by the name of “John Wick.”

Thanksgiving break has come and gone. Although we can all appreciate an entire week of nothing but sleeping late, visiting with family and eating till we can’t possibly eat anymore, Thanksgiving break is also a time to prepare for what lies afterward: finals. 

This Dec. 3, it will be time for the residents of Ames’ Ward Four to vote again for City Council. Ward four includes campus and the surrounding areas that are full of Iowa State students who deserve to be represented by the most capable and experienced candidate in the race, Chris Nelson.

Rachel Junck is deserving of your vote in the Ames City Council Ward 4 Runoff Election on Dec. 3. Her campaign has been impressive since day one. Rachel and her team have knocked on thousands of doors in Ward 4 since June, talking to voters about their concerns, her ideas and how to vote.

Believe me when I say I never thought I’d be writing this. For most of my life, the closest I’d been to politics was watching the 2008 presidential election with my 5th grade classmates at Fellows Elementary about five minutes from ISU. As I grew older, I developed the apolitical mindset of “How can my one single vote make any difference?

I am excited to support Rachel Junck for Ames City Council Ward 4! It's critical to have young people involved in their community and Rachel certainly demonstrated her ability to inspire both students and longtime residents, by receiving the most votes for a candidate in Ward 4's history during the general election. She has passionately made the case for local environmental action, protecting tenants and neighborhoods, and responsible investments into infrastructure that provides the qua…

Less than a couple of years ago, my friends (or people who publicly claim to know me well) would not necessarily have used words like “impulsive” while answering questions about what kind of person I am. This past year has been a tremendous journey; one which I haven’t had much time to document, but one I’ve had more than enough time to relish.

The Ames City Council must balance innovation and pragmatism to enable Ames to grow in its appeal to young professionals. Chris Nelson, an ISU alum who hails from a multi-generation Ames family, values Ames’ quality of life and the economic and cultural role ISU contributes to it.

In an earlier letter, I said that voters in the 4th Ward would have a problem deciding on three qualified candidates for Ames City Council. Rachel Junck emerged from the election with the most votes but missed being elected outright by less than 10 votes. So, she is now in a run-off election on December 3.

Climate change may seem like a far-off issue happening in places like the Arctic Sea or the Amazon Rainforest, but there’s no longer decades to deal with it. Climate change is happening right here in Iowa. We have been facing record-setting flooding, unusual precipitation patterns and increasingly extreme winter weather. Conditions are even forcing farmers to plant and harvest later, driving down the yield of crops according to reports by the USDA. 

Much has been made of how smart Pete Buttigieg is. What matters, however, especially when one aspires to public service, is how you use your smarts — to serve people or to fool them. Here, I’m afraid, Pete disappoints.For instance, the mayor at first supported single-payer Medicare for All, but for reasons to be made clear he now pushes a new paradigm: “Medicare for All Who Want It.” The name implies choice where none exists. We can choose a plan, yes, but not what we really want — our o…

Quality of life matters immensely to my wife, Peggy, and me. So, as we sat down following the recent election to finalize our thoughts on who we are supporting for the Ames City Council, we are keeping our support behind Chris Nelson.

The most powerful thing in the world is your brain and how your brain manipulates your surroundings to create a conscious, beautiful thought. It deliberately puts your reality into your imagination, forfeiting or validating what you believe to be true.

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