Fall is now upon us and winter is soon to follow. For some, this is a time of griping about the cold and sprinting from their car to their door. For others, the falling of the first leaf or the loosing of the first snow upon the world means beautiful fall colors, Christmas lights and friends and family.

From calculus to physics, there are lots of difficult classes that are taught at Iowa State that require effortful learning to understand the concepts within each course. While most people are content with note taking and intense study sessions for aiding their studies in these subjects, others may need more help in remembering key concepts for the upcoming test and courses afterward that rely on the prerequisite coursework.

Iowa State’s new HR and payroll software Workday has been hailed as a great technological leap in how the university operates by top administrators and the company itself, yet it seems as though the opinions of many professors, staff and especially student workers tell another story and are not being heard.

There is no such thing as not voting; not voting is a vote. According to the Census Bureau in 2018, only 53 percent of the citizen voting-age population voted in 2018, which actually had the highest midterm turnout in the last four decades.

When looking at the current state of affairs in both our country and our campus, one thing becomes clear. Ideology is no longer mere "ideology." Beliefs and values are transforming into actions, ways of life. What one side considers a defense, the other considers a threat. The recent span of events at Iowa State are merely reflections of the deepening tension and polarization of the nation and its citizens. 

Every morning when you wake up and get to work, study or whatever it is that constitutes the better part of your day, a small portion of your active brain gets locked into — for lack of a better phrase — the daily grind. It is important to stay in touch with your curious side, and not for very complicated reasons.

Iowa State students stopped traffic Wednesday as they marched at the intersection of Union Drive and Lincoln Way, chanting things like "No Nazis! No KKK! No fascist USA!" and "Who do you work for? Who do you protect?"

I’ve been closely following the 4th Ward city council election set to occur on Nov. 5. Only one candidate has been consistently thoughtful, knowledgeable and articulate. Joe Van Erdewyk has proven time and again why he is the best choice to represent Ward 4 on City Council. 

From the time I was born, and now as a student at Iowa State, I have lived in the 4th Ward. Growing up in Ames' Ward 4 has shown me what makes our city so great, but being an ISU student has shown me where Ames can be improved.

Election season is in full swing for local elections and the upcoming caucuses. Local elections are just as important as national elections, and taking the time to research all of the candidates is essential before you head to the voting booths in November.

A couple weeks ago, I witnessed an incident at a local Starbucks where a man was screaming at a female barista taking an order at the front register, who was on the verge of tears as she attempted to upkeep her customer service character. The situation worsened to the point where she had to excuse herself from the front register and rush to the back of the store, being replaced by a male barista.

It was mid-June when Rachel Junck first reached out to me to talk about her candidacy. Surprisingly, this conversation never turned into a discussion on Rachel’s unique qualities as a candidate or her amazing platform. More than anything, she just wanted to know what I thought about the city of Ames and how our city could better serve us. That’s the type of leadership students need on council and that’s why I am proud to endorse Rachel Junck to be our next councilor for Ward Four of Ames.

Dear politicians, for the love of God, please stop buying ad space on YouTube and TV. I am so overly tired of hearing the same 30 seconds of you speaking every time a commercial break comes on or I switch to another video. In particular, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer have been the most prominent politicians speaking to me against my will and, although it may be petty, this is most likely going to make me less willing to vote for you.

Meditation is an ancient practice that originated in India around 3,500 B.C. The practice itself largely consists of sitting still and focusing on one's breathing, with the goal of calming the mind of all the thoughts roaming around. It is a deceptively simple task. Some Hindu and Buddhist monks spend their entire lives perfecting their meditative state to reach a state of nirvana.

I am excited that Rachel Junck is running for 4th Ward City Council. One of my biggest concerns is our environment. I am pleased that Rachel recognizes the global challenge of protecting our earth from the crisis of irreversible ecological damage and extreme weather that leads to human suffering.

I knew very little about Halloween in my first year in the United States. I spent last year's Halloween watching a horror movie and eating ice cream. This year, I went to a friend's Halloween party, and it was wonderful. Of course, she had made it clear that costumes were welcome.

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year. While mid-week isn’t the most ideal time for the spooky holiday, the upcoming week and weekend starts the costume parties and festivities that will be throughout Ames and the rest of the state.

Rachel Junck is going to be a great City Council member representing Ames' Fourth Ward after she gets elected in November. Rachel was my student in AP U.S. History (APUSH) during her sophomore year at Ames High School. I wholeheartedly endorse Rachel for three reasons: she’s curious and knows how to learn, she thinks of leadership as service and her character qualifies her to represent Iowa State students to the city of Ames.

Over the past summer, I participated in a handful of political events, talked with voters from both parties and did some soul searching. In these discussions, I discovered a shared disillusionment with the moment we are living in. Questions about the kind of country we should be are on the minds of many of our fellow citizens. 

The folks who live in Ward 4 will have a tough choice to make this November in electing their representative to the Ames City Council. Three well-qualified candidates are seeking the position.  

The Trump administration’s willingness to ignore problems such as gun violence, climate change, infrastructure and its transparent, full-frontal assault on health care and general decency guarantee that the next presidential election will determine the direction and character of our country for many years to come.

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