monday monologues 3/9/20

Monday Monologues featured performances for students' senior recitals in vocal music March 9.

Parks Library will host the 2021 performance series Monday Monologues virtually.

This series showcases Iowa State student and faculty voices, featuring six performances with powerful poetry.

Rita Mookerjee, an assistant teaching professor of women and gender studies and sociology, will read poems from her newest manuscript.

Some of her topics include garbage, witches, rocks, weirdos, junk and waterfowl.

Mookerjee’s poetry is featured in Hobart Pulp, The Offing, Juked, New Orleans Review and the Baltimore Review.

Mookerjee is the sex and poetry editor at Honey Literary, the assistant poetry editor at Split Lip Magazine and a staff poetry reader for PANK.

On Monday, Mookerjee is the special guest and will be sharing her poems "False Offering" and "Other Oddities."

In previous years, Monday Monologues have been at Parks Library in the Grant Wood Foyer.

Most of these shows will be live streamed on the Parks Library YouTube channel, but two musical performances will be performed live in front of Parks Library.

There will be five upcoming Monday Monologues throughout the semester, coursing through the months of March and April.

Some of the upcoming topics include "Facing Our Truth," "The Power of Peaceful Protest" and "Songs for A New World."

"My Soul is Awakened" and "Songs for A New World" will be performed live on the steps in front of Parks Library.

Each event except for the two live performances will be live streamed on the Parks Library YouTube channel.

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