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Student calmly walking across Lincoln Way and Welch Avenue from campus during a small rain storm.

The city of Ames will begin its third stage of reconstructing and redesigning Welch Avenue. 

The process will begin Thursday by removing the pavement and underground utility improvements between Welch Avenue to the middle of the CVS and Kingland driveway. The entire reconstruction will take place on Welch Avenue from Lincoln Way to Chamberlain Street. 

The project will replace the original century-old infrastructure as well as improve the water quality and pavement on Welch Avenue. 

Con-Struct Inc. has contracted with the city of Ames for this project and the subcontractor, On-Track, will continue the third stage of the construction on Thursday. 

Welch Avenue will be closed to through traffic from Lincoln Way to Chamberlain Street, although access to the CVS and the Kingland parking lot will be available from the south. 

In order to provide pedestrian access from Lincoln Way to Chamberlain Street, a temporary chain link fence will be placed along the length of the project. 

This stage of the project is anticipated to take two to three weeks.

Throughout the construction, access will be maintained to businesses along Lincoln Way and Welch Avenue. Parking will be available along Chamberlain Street and at the Ames Intermodal Facility, 129 Hayward Ave. 

There will be designated delivery areas along Lincoln Way and Chamberlain Street. 

After the construction on Welch Avenue, there will be bike lanes on both sides, permeable pavers and tree trenches to improve stormwater management and extended sidewalks. This project is estimated to be completed by the end of November.

Because of COVID-19, inspectors and contractors are instructed to maintain six feet apart from one another, use gloves and stay home when they are sick.

There will be some noise disruption due to saw cutting of joints, which is critical for the process, according to the press release. It will begin early in the morning before business opening hours.

Some parking areas along Lincoln Way to Welch Avenue will be closed. According to the press release, community members are encouraged to exercise caution while traveling through the construction area.

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