The 2020 election cycle included three Iowa House of Representatives races in Story County that each went to the incumbent candidates. 

Iowa House District 45


Beth Wessel-Kroeschell will run as the Democratic nominee for the Iowa House of Representatives, District 45.

Democratic candidate Beth Wessel-Kroeschell defeated Libertarian challenger Eric Cooper on Tuesday night. 

Wessel-Kroeschell has served in this position since the 2004 election. Iowa House District 45 includes noncampus portions of Ames, Iowa, as well as surrounding areas of Story County. 

Wessel-Kroeschell won the election with 11,324 votes. Cooper had 4,074 votes. A total of 108 votes were write-in. 

Wessel-Kroeschell was not immediately available for comment. 

Iowa House District 46

ross wilburn courtesy

Incumbent Democrat Ross Wilburn is running for the Iowa House of Representatives, District 46.

Democratic candidate Ross Wilburn ran for reelection uncontested.

Wilburn has served in this position since winning the 2018 election uncontested. Iowa House District 46 includes the portions of Ames, Iowa, north of Lincoln Way and west of University Boulevard. Wilburn carried 97.69 percent of the vote with 10,620 ballots cast in his favor. A total of 251 write-in votes were cast. This secured the incumbent’s victory, allowing him to keep his seat in the Iowa House. 

“[I want to] represent the interests and views of Ames through my committee assignments, legislative work with representatives who are persuadable to issues in common with Ames and constituency work to keep me informed,” Wilburn said. 

Iowa House District 49 

Dave Deyoe

Dave Deyoe is the Republican candidate running for the Iowa House of Representatives in District 49.

Republican incumbent Dave Deyoe has defeated Democratic challenger Selden Spencer for Iowa House District 49.

Deyoe served in this position since the 2006 election. 

The Iowa House District 49 includes the town of Nevada as well as surrounding rural areas of Story County and portions of Hardin County. 

Deyoe received a total of 9,010 votes or 60.2 percent of the votes cast, compared to Spencer's 5,958 votes or 39.8 percent of the vote. 

Deyoe was not immediately available for comment.

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