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train derailment

A Union Pacific Railroad train derailed in east Ames on Thursday afternoon.

The City of Ames sent out a notice Thursday afternoon that a train derailed in east Ames.

A press release said that the Union Pacific train derailed west of Dayton Avenue at 1:39 p.m. Approximately 27 cars left the tracks between Dayton Avenue and the Skunk River.

Multiple agencies responded, including Ames Fire Department, Story County Sheriff’s Department, Story County Emergency Management Agency, Des Moines Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team, Iowa Department of Natural Resources and representatives of Union Pacific Railroad.

The section of the train that remained on the tracks temporarily blocked railroad crossings at Kellogg, Duff, Clark and Hazel avenues. Union Pacific uncoupled the intact cars from the derailed cars to move them out of the way and reopen the crossings.

A hazardous materials crew from Union Pacific is working to stop a propane leak from one of the derailed cars and the Ames Fire Department is monitoring the process and assisting as required by the Union Pacific team.

No evacuation is anticipated at this time and there is currently no foreseen danger to the public. 

Union Pacific is coordinating the recovery of the derailed cars and residents should avoid the area as it is private property.

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