Theresa Greenfield

Theresa Greenfield will take on Joni Ernst in the U.S. Senate race.

Theresa Greenfield won the Democratic nominee for the U.S Senate race, according to The Associated Press. 

In 2018, Greenfield ran to represent Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. After Greenfield’s former campaign manager falsified signatures without Greenfield’s knowledge, her name did not appear on the ballot.

A poll of Democratic primary voters conducted by Public Policy Polling in early May showed 43 percent of voters were planning on voting for Greenfield. She has received endorsements from all of Iowa’s 99 counties, from 21 unions and also holds an unofficial endorsement by former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who was the presumptive winner of the Iowa caucus in February. 

Second to Greenfield was Adm. Michael Franken, who conceded the race and fully endorsed his opponent. 

“It is thus with sadness but with profound respect that I concede this race,” Franken said in a statement shortly after Greenfield was announced the winner. “I fully endorse Theresa Greenfield as she carries forth the mission of defeating Joni Ernst.”

Greenfield will be going against Ernst, the current incumbent, in November. Greenfield outraised Ernst in the first half of the second quarter according to preprimary reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. 

Defeating Ernst would be instrumental for Democrats as they try to flip the Senate in November. 

“I think this would be huge," said Iowa State College Democrats President Sehba Faheem. "Theresa Greenfield has widespread support and likability. While she does have progressive ideas and progressive views, she can be seen as accessible, so I think she has a really good chance of beating Joni Ernst.”

In a statement, Greenfield thanked her supporters and made it clear she was ready to challenge Ernst.

“This moment in Iowa and in our country calls for new leadership,” Greenfield said. “Leadership with compassion, integrity and grit that has defined Iowans for generations. From river to river, these are the values that make Iowa special but have been overlooked in Washington. Look, I'm so excited tonight. And we’re going to celebrate this victory. And there's no doubt this will be a tough fight. But an uphill battle? That’s never stopped me before.”

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