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Students at Iowa State and the University of Iowa arranged a "sickout" for Sept. 15.

Students, faculty members and instructors at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University will have a "sickout" Sept. 15.

The event organizers encourage members of their campus communities to sign a pledge to call in sick to work and class Tuesday. Students from all over the state, regardless of school, are invited to participate.

The pledge has a statement that explains the purpose of the sickout.

“Since the start of fall semester, the state of Iowa has emerged as a global COVID-19 hotspot, due in large part to the reopening of universities,” it read. “Despite substantial outbreaks on our campuses and in our surrounding communities, the state universities in Iowa continue to flout public health guidelines by inviting students, faculty and staff to congregate in person indoors in large numbers.”

It continued on by saying university administrators have “resorted to finger-pointing, blaming students and local businesses for their own failures of leadership.”

At the beginning of September, the University of Iowa had its own sickout that received over 700 pledges. Masked students also protested on campus. The event drew criticism from university administration.

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Thomas O'Donnell

Glad to hear our students are taking action. Does anyone have any more details or a link to the pledge for those of us interested in participating?

Thomas O'Donnell

Never mind, I tracked it down! For anyone interested, its at

Jo Farm

Universities probably want this. After this week there will be no refunds given so they will probably go on-line & send everyone home (kicking students out of dorms) and keep all the money. Some hate learning online as they don't get as much out of it. :(

Dave Wasilla

"By calling in sick, we demand that the University of Iowa and Iowa State University protect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff, as well as every resident of the state of Iowa, by moving to 100% online instruction, effective immediately." [crying] So.... send everyone home without a refund. #smart?

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