Story County is implementing a new mass notification system for Ames capable of alerting all citizens and emergency personnel in Story County.

The new system goes into effect March 1, replacing CodeRED, the former emergency notification system.

The Story County Iowa Alert system is designed to provide important, time critical emergency information, but we need you to take a few minutes to register so we can reach you when seconds count.

Story County Iowa Alerts is a free opt-in service for Ames residents. During an emergency, the system delivers mass voice, text and email messages to registered phones and email addresses. The system allows dispatchers and emergency managers to notify the entire county or specific geographic areas of an evacuation, flood, lost, missing person or other type of public safety threat. 

Residents with landline phone numbers published in the current white pages phone book are automatically included in the new notification system. 

People without landlines must register mobile phones, email and customize their preferred types of alerts at

By Matthew Rezab,

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