Formals, philanthropies, recruitment events, Homecoming week, parent weekends and so much more. When looking to summarize the semester as a whole through the lenses of members of the sorority and fraternity community, these events are just a portion of what the community accomplishes and hopes to accomplish within the semesters to come. 

Lindsay Duvick had enough of retail. The demanding hours would leave her depressed and with feelings of living an unfulfilled life. Wanting to reignite a former passion, Duvick decided to open up a yoga studio of her own, completely changing the course of her life. 

As co-founders of a tech startup in Ames, Iowa State students Derick David, junior in computer science, and Colby Hawkins, senior in marketing, have created a social ride-sharing platform called Hikre for long distance travels.

ISU WellBeing, with assistance from Occupational Medicine, is sponsoring a flu shot clinic for university employees this month. The clinic will be open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m through Friday in room 205 of the Technical and Administrative Services Facility. Appointments may be required after Friday.

Editor's Note: In the spring 2019 semester, the Iowa State Daily introduced “The Talk,” a series with the goal to open up discussion about intimacy among our readers. This semester, we hope to bring in the discussion about mental health through our series “Talk about it.” 

One of the biggest questions humans have is if they are “alone” in the universe — if there is life beyond the planet Earth. Apparently people could not wait for an answer, as 3.6 million people have indicated they are interested in or intend to go to a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” 

Instagram has been used by students to create a level of professionalism for potential employers or to give followers an impression of the best life. For some students, the pressure to “look good online” has taken a toll, causing them to create private accounts known as “finstas” — accounts where people post a raw version of themselves. 

Coffee culture is embedded in the Ames and Iowa State community, as there is a local shop within a mile of every corner. For a group of students, talking about the drink and comparing different roasts has become an essential part of their campus learning experience. 

Leading a project with a goal of making the university go zero waste by 2025 is Ayodeji Oluwalana, Iowa State recycling and special events coordinator.

Iowa State has over 800 clubs covering a variety of topics, and ClubFest is an event that brings most of them together for students to check out. 

Students who are entering college and pulling out federal loans are also looking for jobs to either pay down the loans, or pay for their supplies. At Iowa State’s campus, there are hundreds of job opportunities, and in Ames as a whole, there are even more. 

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