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Sen. Ian Searles speaks during an open forum at the Oct. 30 Student Government meeting. Students came to talk about recent controversial events on campus and to address President Wendy Wintersteen.

Student Government will be reviewing a bill Wednesday night that addresses recent controversial events and similar events on campus from past years.

The bill, titled “Censuring The Department of Residence,” will be introduced by Sen. Ian Searles for himself, Sen. Ludwig, Sen. Joshua Hanyang, Sen. Mason Zastrow, Sen. Alex Klein, Sen. Hayat Sumael, Sen. Lydia Greene, Sen. Matthew Klaes, Speaker Kelsey Culbertson, Vice-Speaker Schrader and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Hoffman, according to the document.

This censuring comes after Bean House in Geoffroy Hall was defaced multiple times with a racial slur, pictures surfaced of Student Government Adviser Alex Krumm with his face painted black previously posted on his Instagram and students protested the events by blocking off Lincoln Way, demanding to talk to President Wendy Wintersteen.

“Racism has no place or protection on campus as it violates the University’s Principles of Community, and [...] There have been high profile events in recent years that have highlighted the systemic failure of the Department of Residence within the University to respond to incidents of harassment of protected classes,” according to the document.

The bill cites events dating back as far as 2016 and gives recommendations on how the university should address incidents.

One resolution is to enforce a campus-wide policy of a 48 hour response time on all events to the parties affected whether or not the solution is clear.

Additionally, “all impacted parties [will] be kept up to date on the status of the case within FERPA confines, and who exactly they can contact for support and/or information pertaining to the case,” according to the document.

The bill will be looked at and voted on by the Senate at the meeting. 

If passed, the resolution will be sent to Director of Residence Pete Englin, all members of the Residence Life Leadership Team, Vice President of Student Affairs Martino Harmon, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Reginald Stewart, Dean of Students Vernon Hurte, and President of the University Wendy Wintersteen.

Hanyang StuGov

Sen. Joshua Hanyang asks questions to an open forum speaker Sept. 11, 2019, during a Student Government meeting.

Additionally, Student Government will be reviewing funding requests by multiple organizations.

The Greek Week Council committee has asked Student Government to assist in funding Alex Sheen, founder of nonprofit social movement "because I said I would," on March 31, 2020 at Hilton Coliseum.

The bill asks for $35,000 to be transferred from the Excellence account to help fund Sheen.

$13,000 would go to the speaker fee, $2,000 would be for paying for their travel, $18,000 for renting Hilton Coliseum and $2,000 for "Educational and Promotional Material," according to the document.

Ethos Magazine has also asked for $4,000 to be transferred from the Senate Discretionary account to provide for magazine printing.

A cross-discipline event called Symphony of Diversity has asked for $6,752.13 to be transferred from the Special Projects account to pay for the hall rental for the event.

Additionally, the United Arab Emirates Student Association (UAESA) has asked for $4,736.76 to pay for an event on Dec. 2 to celebrate the United Arab Emirates' national holiday. $500 would go to reserving the Great Hall in the Memorial Union and $4,236.76 would go to paying for a catering fee.

Each funding bill is separate and will be voted on individually by the Senate.

Student Government will then vote on a bill seating Senator Greene to the Student Initiatives Committee.

Internal funding matters by Student Government will also be reviewed at the meeting.

Culbertson Schrader StuGov

Speaker Kelsey Culbertson and Vice Speaker Jacob Schrader listen to open forum speakers Sept. 11 during a Student Government meeting.

The Rules Committee has requested a special election to pass a court reform requiring $2,900 in total from the Special Projects account to pay the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology for a two-day survey.

$2,850 will go to paying for labor and $50 will go to an office supplies fee.

Funding for the residency fair will also be reviewed.

They are requesting $336.78 to be transferred from the Special Events account to pay for the raffle and advertising for the event.

$26 will go to a mass email, $100 to printing, $10 for shirts, $40 for hoodies, $11.99 for water bottles, $89.99 for a JBL Speaker and $58.80 for cinnamon rolls.

Additionally, the Student Initiatives Committee is asking for $719.13 for funding Winter Weather Safety Bags.

The request $9.80 for paper bags, $29.90 for hot chocolate packets, $167.79 for hand warmers, $209.79 for gloves, $209.60 for chapstick packages, $71.64 for tissues and $20.61 for cough drops.

Each funding bill is separate and will be voted on individually by Student Government.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

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