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Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen and other members of administration announced in a town hall there is currently no plan to move classes all online.

President Wendy Wintersteen issued a statement regarding large social gatherings that students have been participating in.

Friday afternoon, Wintersteen sent out an email to the student body announcing a new COVID-19 policy for student social gatherings. This policy states that all on or off campus social gatherings must comply with health orders such as limiting guests to account for physical distancing.

Students attending any gathering must wear facial coverings and must comply with distancing guidelines.

This policy will be enforced through the Student Code of Conduct and students will be held accountable to any health and safety policies and guidelines.

Students engaging in any “irresponsible behavior” and ignoring these guidelines will be disciplined by the university, possible leading to suspension.

Wintersteen addressed the national attention Iowa State received as a result of the events on ‘801 Day’ last Saturday.

“Last weekend the nation saw an example of this type of behavior by many of our students participating in large gatherings and parties,” she said. “This is unacceptable and must stop. It puts the health and safety of our campus and community at risk and it jeopardizes our ability to continue with an on-campus experience and in-person classes and activities as we have seen at other universities across the country.”

Other schools including the University of North Carolina and Notre Dame have switched to online instruction already this year.

Wintersteen ended the email encouraging students to follow these guidelines for the health and safety of the campus and the community.

“I remain hopeful that all of our students will act responsibly. Together, we must do everything we can to keep our campus and community healthy,” she said.

Shortly after the email was sent out, an ISU alert was also sent out to students with the same information.

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Dominick smith

As we know right now we are in a great crisis. Also, we should always take the proper care of our health. Even we should think about our hearing issue. Because once we lost our hearing it will be very hard for all of us so we can use audiology because it helps us to hear perfectly again like before.

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