Trump protestors at CyHawk

Graduate student Maria Alcivar (left) and sophomore Michelle Ramos (right) protest against political bigotry during a Republican meet-up on Saturday outside Jack Trice Stadium. 

ISU Police have charged Shelby Mueller, 20, the West Des Moines woman who ripped a protester's poster during a Cy-Hawk tailgate, with fifth degree criminal mischief on Sept. 17. 

Mueller ripped Jovani Rubio's poster while he was protesting as part of Students Against Bigotry, a group that held up posters in the tailgating lot where Republican presidential candidates mingled with tailgaters. Students Against Bigotry held their demonstration to ask presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump, to use respectful speech. 

Jerry Stewart, chief of ISU Police, said they were not made aware of the incident during the day of the Cy-Hawk game. He said when they found out two days later, they charged Mueller with criminal mischief.

Stewart said the department also met with Rubio after the incident. While Students Against Bigotry has asked administrators, including President Steven Leath, to respond to the incident, Stewart said it was important for ISU Police to take action and address students' concerns.

The ISU Police Department is still investigating the incident.

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