HC pep rally

Members of the Yell Like Hell team Bill Cy the Science Guy perform during the YLH Final Cuts during the Homecoming Pep Rally at the Alumni Center on Oct. 26.

Members of the Panhellenic community screamed their hearts out at Yell Like Hell on Saturday.

Yell Like Hell is a multi-round competitive event between Greek chapters. Yell Like Hell is unique to Iowa State and competitors wear house paint along with minimal clothing.

Madalyn Mueller, a sophomore in advertising and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, said Yell Like Hell is an opportunity to meet new people.

“I like meeting new people in my own chapter and other chapters,” Mueller said.

Jack Hanzlik, a freshman in pre-business and a member of Beta Epsilon, said he thinks it’s a “really good way” to meet not only people in his chapter, but also people from other chapters as well.

Julianne Faulconer, a junior in industrial design and a member of Gamma Phi Beta, said the event helps grow friendships.

“It’s a good way to bond with other team members,” Faulconer said.

The participants also discussed some highlights from the long day and some said they are looking forward to a potential second round.

“I would say what is fun is hanging out with people and the adrenaline rush before performing,” said Chelsea McNeil, a sophomore in open option LAS and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Spectators also had the chance to get in the homecoming spirit.

“It’s fun to see all their hard work pay off,” said Kathryn Colvin, a freshman in pre-business.

Andrew Wilmes, a senior mechanical engineering major and a member of Beta Sigma Pi, said that others should look to get involved with Yell Like Hell in the future.

“Even it’s something you don’t think you’ll like the memories are worth it,” Wilmes said. “You just don’t want it to end.”

The teams that made it to the second round scheduled for Wednesday are A Whole New Adventure, The Magic Cyride, Cy’s Night at the new Colosseum, American Cylines, Cywarp, The Cy is Falling, Tradition Mech Cy-thousand, and How the Grinch Stole Homecoming.

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