Dollar theatre closing

Cinemark North Grand 5, the dollar theater located inside North Grand Mall, is closing its doors April 19.

North Grand 5 movie theater in north Ames will close April 19.

North Grand 5 is commonly called the “dollar theater” because it shows movies after their initial release, allowing for cheaper ticket prices for viewers.

“North Grand 5 Theater has been a long time, valued tenant with many loyal patrons,” said Marianne Fasano, spokeswoman for Illinois-based GK Development Inc., which owns and operates Ames’ North Grand Mall. 

Fasano said this was a corporate decision made by the movie chain’s parent company, Cinemark Theatres based in Plano, Texas. 

Cinemark has owned North Grand 5, located in the North Grand Mall, since 1999. Cinemark also owns Movies 12, which will soon be the only movie theater in town. Fasano did not say what  would take the place of the theater in the mall. 

“GK Development views this as an opportunity to continue its investment in revitalizing the merchant mix at North Grand Mall,” Fasano said.

Riley Jines, freshman in pre-business, said he has seen a few movies at North Grand 5.

“I probably won’t go to as many movies once North Grand 5 closes because it is much cheaper than other theaters in or near Ames,” Jines said.

Jines said that as a college student with a low bank account, he enjoyed having a movie theater nearby that offered cheaper ticket prices.

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