Rep. Steve King speaking at the Faith and Freedom Dinner on Sept. 19.

Based off monetary contributions to Iowa Rep. Steve King, a national Hispanic organization is calling on all grocery stores to stop selling Wells Blue Bunny products.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), in a press release Wednesday, cited nearly $34,500 in contributions to King from the Wells family.

In 2016, nearly $11,000 was contributed to King from Wells Enterprises, Inc. President and CEO Michael Wells, along with additional donations from other Wells family members.

"LULAC condemns Congressman King’s recent racists remarks saying, 'civilizations can’t be restored with somebody else’s babies' and predictions of a 'looming race war between blacks and Hispanics,'" the release stated.

In early March, King faced backlash after he tweeted, "Wilders [a right-wing prime minister candidate] understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Several top Iowa leaders condemned King for his remarks, including Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who said during one of his weekly news conferences, "I disagree with what Steve King had to say.

"We all know that ... from time to time, he just says things that we just don’t agree with, and we have always been honest about that. We have worked with him on a lot of things, and some of the things we just think are wrong and we disagree with it."

A petition was started almost immediately after King's remarks in March by a woman from Boone, Iowa, asking that top companies such as Wells Blue Bunny, AT&T, American Podiatric Association, College Loan Corp and the American Bankers Association stop funding King.

The petition currently has 1,842 supporters. 

On the LULAC boycott, the organization is asking that in addition to ceasing sales on Blue Bunny products, grocery stores also remove the product form their shelves. 

“We are going to boycott Wells Blue Bunny until the President Michael Wells and his family decide not to support Congressman Steve King and his hateful rhetoric," Joe Enriquez Henry, LULAC national vice president in the Midwest region, said. 

King is currently the U.S. representative for Iowa's 4th Congressional District – a position he has held since 2013. He previously held the same role in office for Iowa's 5th Congressional District since 2003.


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Darrell Lewis

The Wells family is also one of the largest financial contributors to anti-gay hate groups in Iowa.

Porter Harper

The League of United Latino Citizens is launching a national boycott of Wells Blue Bunny products because at least four members of the family that own platelet rich plasma treatment jacksonville fl and the Wells dairy in Le Mars have financially supported Congressman Steve King. Governor Terry Branstad, a Republican who has also received donations from the Wells family, has denounced King’s comments, including King’s prediction of a looming race war between blacks and Hispanics.

Securro Rodriguez

I think there's a very probability of a race war between Blacks and Hispanics. Bc, Hispanics / LULAC want to rage war against any and everyone who isn't "Latino"...and they blame everyone but the "Latinos" for everything. LULAC, all run by "Latinos" is one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional organizations. And they want to take over the USA? LULAC needs to be dismantled, defunded and take a long hard look at themselves. AND THE GOV, WE TAXPAYERS, NEED TO STOP GIVING THEM $MILLIONS AND MILLIONS TO DISCRIMINATE.

Securro Rodriguez

We should actually BOYCOTT LULAC. They are too controlling and want to take over the USA, bc they say WE took it from them. If you live in TX, NM, AZ or CA, you'd wish you'd boycotted LULAC before they turn Ohio into one of those states. LULAC is the reason WE have to "Press 1 for English"...and they tell their members to not speak English, so businesses, city state federal gov have to hire more "Latinos"...there are literally hundreds of "Latinos" "Hispanic" "Mexican" organizations getting huge amt of OUR money to bring down our country. BOYCOTT LULAC AND ITS MEMBERS. MAGA!

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