This week's Monday Monologue will feature three Iowa State vocal ensembles.

The latest installment in the Monday Monologue event series will feature the sounds of the Iowa State choral department.

“All three high-voice ensembles from the choral department will perform,” said Jennifer Rodgers, the assistant director of choral activities and assistant professor of teaching in the music and theatre department at Iowa State. 

Rodgers continued to state that multiple choral ensembles will be performing at Monday’s event.

“Cantamus will sing three pieces, one of which is a world premiere arrangement commissioned for them from a regional composer,” Rodgers said. “Lyrica is exploring culturally authentic sounds from around the world and will sing pieces from the Scandinavian region as well as invite the audience to layer a chant with them from many traditions.”

Rodgers also said the choral department’s a capella group will perform.

“Count Me In, our a cappella group, will make its first appearance of the year with two contemporary songs,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers also said that COVID-19 had a significant impact on the choral department and all of its ensembles.

“COVID precautions have required us to change everything about traditional choral singing – how we hear, how we communicate, how we stand, where we gather, the repertoire we choose, and our rehearsal methods,” Rodgers said.

But according to Rodgers, this has not stopped the ensembles from performing in creative ways. For example, at Monday’s event, the audience will be invited to join in singing with the vocal ensembles.

The Monday Monologue event will be held on the front steps of Parks Library at noon. More information can be found here.

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