Dave Deyoe

Dave Deyoe is the Republican candidate running for the Iowa House of Representatives in District 49.

Dave Deyoe, Republican

Dave Deyoe has been a member of the Iowa House of Representatives since 2007 and has worked on issues dealing with education, responsible budgeting, economic development and job creation. He received a B.S. in animal science from Iowa State University and currently resides in Nevada, Iowa. He is running for reelection to represent District 49.

“He has been active in the community through the local Rotary Club, Farm Bureau and Pork Producers organizations. [He is also] a member of the United Methodist Church in Nevada, [...] Iowa Cattlemen’s, Story County Pheasants Forever and the NRA,” according to the Iowa House of Representatives website.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

I wanted to continue to serve my constituency, and I still have some things I would like to continue to work on.

If you were elected, what are some changes you would make?

I want to continue making our budget sustainable because in the past, sometimes there were no financial reserves, so over the years we have worked to increment our reserves, especially this year.

Something I want to continue working on for the following years is the process to work on a more attractive tax reform that would help us keep the revenue needed for our budget to be more sustainable.

What is most important to you as a person and as a candidate?

As a person, the most important thing is my family.

As a candidate, the most important thing is the budget because almost every issue that we deal with here in Iowa relates back to [it]. Our most important priorities are how we fund different programs, and, first of all, that we have a sustainable budget that when we set it, we can actually follow through.

Some of our items that are also high priorities are to continue funding K-12 education and provide more for health care, especially this year.

In the past, we have provided funding for job training [and] economic development, which I also think are priorities.

What makes you stand out/why should people vote specifically for you?

"I’ve lived in Iowa most of my life, built strong connections and developed an understanding of the community. I got the experience and know the district very well."

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