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President Donald Trump wears a "Make America Great Again" hat at a rally Oct. 14 at the Des Moines International Airport.

President Donald Trump was met by applause of his supporters as he addressed the nation from the White House early into the morning after election day.

Trump began by saying “I want to thank the American people for their tremendous support […] Millions of people voted for us tonight.”

Trump thanked the first lady, his supporters and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump called the results phenomenal, and said they were ready to get out and celebrate.

“We won states we weren’t expecting to,” Trump said. “Florida we didn't win it, we won it by a lot, we won the great state of Ohio and we won Texas.”

Trump reassured his supporters in telling them he had just gotten off the phone with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who assured Trump he had won Texas.

Trump said it was also obvious his campaign had won Georgia, North Carolina and most importantly, Pennsylvania.

Trump assured his voters he will keep up with ballot counting.

"We will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court," Trump said. "We don't want them to find any votes at four in the morning, and frankly, we won this."

His announcement ended with Trump stating “We will win this, and as far as I’m concerned we already won.”

Pence was welcomed to the floor as he said the Trump administration is on the road to victory and will, “Make America great again, again.”

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sm harry

Hard to believe that such a loser could claim to be the winner before the final buzzer has even sounded. That has been Trump's plan all along and fortunately he doesn't get the chance to make that call. From what I hear and read, it will be difficult for this loser to make himself out to be a winner when all the votes that have been cast and counted are reported to the American people. Send this DF back to the white house to pack his pretentious bags, remove all of the gold lame' and take his fake wife and TALL son back to wherever they came from, or Siberia if they prefer - all expenses on the American taxpayer. Good luck, good reddens and good bye mofo!

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