Latinx Student Initiatives Pic

Group photo from the sixth annual Latino Leadership Retreat. 

Iowa State’s Latinx Student Initiatives said they hope to promote Latinx leadership and unite the Latinx student community on Iowa State's campus.

Klever Miranda, senior in psychology, is the current president of the student organization. 

I joined Latinx Student Initiatives because I felt like this organization was like my family," Miranda said. "They were there when I needed help and so I want to give back to my community and help others that are in need of support. I joined also because I want to leave a footprint at ISU.” 

According to their website, Latinx Student Initiatives has three main goals. The first is to develop and experience a Latino/a community. Secondly, they hope to develop and promote Latino student leadership and finally to empower Latino/a students at Iowa State.

Two important ways the organization reaches these goals are through the Latinx Leadership Retreat during the fall semester and the Latinx Graduation Ceremony in the spring semester. These two events are what the organization focuses on most during their weekly meetings.

At a predominately white institution like Iowa State, students of color can feel out of place. Latinx Student Initiatives is trying to combat these feelings and let these students know they do belong in the Iowa State community. As president, Miranda realizes he has an important role in the efforts of this student organization.

“I am there for anyone depending on their situations,” Miranda said. “I am there to push every Latinx student to be their true self, I am there to push every Latinx student to succeed in school. Most of us students are first or second generation and we need that support from others to keep chasing our dreams.”

While the organization has many designated goals set out for themselves as a group, Miranda also set out goals for himself individually, to hold himself accountable as the group’s president and help his fellow Latinx students succeed as much as he can.

“My goal is for every Latinx student to be more comfortable at Iowa State University. To feel safe and to feel welcomed,” Miranda said. “Another goal is for other students to go out and explore other organizations and clubs out there where they identify the most.”

During their regular meetings, Latinx Student Initiative’s 30 members — and anyone else compelled to join — have the opportunity to discuss any topics of interest to the Latinx community at Iowa State. Miranda said the organization plays an integral part at Iowa State’s community for Latinx students. 

“It’s very important to have this organization because it gives students the opportunity to get to know other Latinx individuals around the university,” Miranda said. “We are there to support each other and give a hand whenever a student is in need.”

Miranda also said you don’t have to be Latinx to join their student organization. Latinx Student Initiatives does not discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, etc.  

“We welcome anyone, even if they just want to learn about our community and our Iowa State University family,” Miranda said.

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