Student Government 9/8

The Student Government Senate listening to Senate nominees declare how they would best represent their constituents Sept. 8.

The Iowa State University Student Government will vote on a resolution condemning the lack of student input in the Big 12 expansion of four new schools in their weekly meeting. 

If passed, the resolution will be sent to members of the Big 12, as well as members of the Iowa State University administration.

“Each individual university has an obligation to their greatest shareholders, their students, to consider student feedback on matters that concern membership to a conference that it will form ties with in the coming years,” the resolution said.

The resolution also addresses the Student Government's concerns about the lack of an opportunity for students and other institutions to evaluate the new schools before being permitted.

Senators will also vote on funds for the Peterson Squadron’s 5K dedicated to raising money for the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action(POW/MIA) Accounting Agency. This agency’s mission is to uncover missing military personnel for their friends and families.

The Peterson Squadron will host the 5k around the University and use the funds provided from the Student Government for T-shirts and catering.

The Student Government will vote to amend Chapter 15 - Student Government Operations to their bylaws. This amendment will address accessibility, transparency and outreach both internally to the Student Government as well as externally to the student body.

This amendment includes training the senators for web design and web communications related to the Student Government website. The amendment will also require a minimum amount of outreach for each member for Student Government.

The Student Government will meet at 6 p.m. Sept. 28 at the Campanile Room in the Memorial Union.

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Ange Ry

Lmao is this about BYU in the expansion? Cause this would be laughable if so. College sports, football in particular, have money playing big parts in decision making. Justifiably so, football funds all the other university sports. Without major scandals looming, any school is fine to add to up revenue to the conference and our university. Student input is garbage on this

Gabriel Carolus

This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Not on the writer, but on who the student government think they are. We were on the brink of fading into a sub-Power 5 level conference and further into irrelevance, but we were saved by the addition of some of the most powerhouse teams in the G5. Student government has lost sight of what they are or who they represent. Absolutely ridiculous waste of time. I can guarantee the majority of the university does not give a damn about the addition, and if they do, they're in favor like myself. Can't think of a reason anyone would be against it aside from the student government wanting to be dramatic.

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